List of Comebacks/MVs/Shows/Debuts(In the last few Months)

So I felt like making a list off all the Comebacks, and Shows and things I’ve been watching lately! So  here it is! =) And my Opinions are Attached!


  • DBSK: Love in the Ice/Hey(don’t bring me down)/Mirotic(GREAT)
  • H-Eugene: Baby, I love you Ft. Kim Jae Hae ( Really Ye Eun from WG)(GREAT)
  • Son Ho Young: I Know(GREAT)
  • Rain: Rainism/Love Story(OKAY)
  • Wonder Girls: Intro/Nobody(GOOD)
  • Solbi: Do it Do it Ft. Maniac(Okay, Sexy Dancer saved her =D)
  • Son Dan Bi: Crazy Ft. Eric [Eric is not there](Good)
  • YMGA: Tell it to My Heart Ft. Uhm Jong Hwa(Great)
  • Epik High: Fallin/1 min 1 sec(Really good)
  • FT Island: Saranghae/After Love(Great)
  • Crown J: Fly Boy(BLAH)
  • Minwoo: IMU/Don’t trust Men(Great/Cute)
  • V.O.S: Half(Normal/Good/I Like the song!)
  • Brown Eyed Girls:How(good)


  • Nassun: It’s Alright(Catchy)
  • Lee Hyun Ji: Kiss me Kiss me(i like it)

3.Music Videos!

  • DBSK:Mirotic(SEXY! I love it)
  • H-eugene: Baby I love you(Really good and Catchy Song again!)
  • Son Ho Young:I know(MV not so good, song hella good!)
  • Rain:Love story(Song is good, Rain is EH, MV BLAH)
  • Wonder Girls: Nobody(It was an okay MV)
  • Solbi: Do it Do it(I didn’t like the MV, Song is Catchy, DANCER=HOTTTT)
  • Son dam bi: Crazy(MV again it was okay)
  • YMGA:Tell it to my heart(MV was really good)
  • Epik High: 1 min, 1 sec(I Liked it)
  • FT. Island:Saranghae & Heaven Part 1&2(must watch, its Really good)
  • Crown J:Fly Boy(Catchy song I guess, MV was a don’t care)
  • Minwoo:Don’t Trust Men(Good overall)
  • Jun Jin: Words of Love(love it, Song, MV, Everything featured Lee Hyun JI)
  • Boa: Eat You Up(In america, But good)
  • Lee Hyun Ji: Kiss me kiss me( It’s good Featured Jun Jin)
  • Brown Eyed Girls: How(Good song!)


  • We got married: Guest Stared Eunhyuk and Leetuek and Also Son Ho Young(must watch)
  • YDH Love Letter: Guest Stared DBSK(Must Watch)
  • KJE Chocolate: Guest stared: DBSK, SJ-H, baby Ye Eun(if you love dbsk must watch)
  • Champagne: Guest stared DBSK(SO FUNNY! Gotta Watch!)
  • M-Net My Favorite: Guest Started DBSK with V.O.S Being Co-Hosts.(Just finished it, good)
  • MC Mong radio, Kiss the Radio, Shim Shim Tapa radio, Tablo’s Radio, Power Radio, Chin Chan Radio ETC Guest stared DBSK (GOOD PARTS)
  • Family Outing: Guest Stared U-know Yunho and Xiah Junsu(good 1st part Great 2nd part!)
  • Brain Battle: Guest stared FT. Island(Cuteee MUCH!)
  • Come to Play: Guest Stared: Big Bang(GOOD GOOD!)
  • KJE Chocolate: Guest Stared: Shin Hyesung(SHINHWA) and Tae Yeon(SNSD)(It was okay!)

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