081114 Micky Yoochun has New hair(It’s as he had it before!)

I really like it! It’s as he had it back then! With micky’s hair like that, They all look young again!

this is in Japan! Woot!

NHK Love Song~TVXQ Doushite+Choosey Lover+Ending

They are so cute!

Credit: http://www.youtube.com/flyuknow


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  1. SO CUTE!!!! BEAUTIFUL VOICES!!! AND I LOOOVVEEE MICKY’S HAIR~~!!! lol! It’s back to being quite ordinary now! lol! He’s was always darin with his hair, and i love that about him! But this looks really cute n dandy! Just like what he was described as at the beginning! lol! The singing was ace! But did anyone else but me think they were just a tiny tiny little bit off in Doushite? O_o but they were perfect in the rest! lols! maybe it’s because they got used to singing more upbeat songs recently! yah! oppa deul! don’t loose your ballads! lols! i know they won’t! because it still sounded like angels! XD

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