Can’t Wait til MKMF! Here’s how to watch it:

If you live in Cali, it’s tonight, Cuz It will Be Saturday in Korea!! woot! Here’s how to watch it, It lets you know when it’ll Come on. There’s a Countdown!

Get the Player here:

Then when it comes on make sure you click PLAY LIVE or the player will just be any old player like realplayer or VLC! =D

(I heard there will be a special Stage of BIG BANG and LEE HYORI!)

DBSK, BIG BANG, WONDER GIRLS, FT ISLAND, RAIN, WHEESUNG, SNSD HYORI, KJK, SHinee, U-kiss, Super Junior And many More, Must i keep GOING!!

DON’T MISS OUT on the biggest event in KOREA!

Credit:marineyismarina Aka Me,

Comment me and let me now how you guys liked the show =) or if you can’t wait comment too lol.

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  1. thanks for your info…. but it’s so choppy. didn’t run smoothly… stopped every 19secs. that’s so weird since my internet connection speed is excellent.. gosh… i feel like crying

  2. @jaejae!
    It actually worked fine everyone is complaining, but the lagging yes was annoying, but it was worth it, and i watched the whole thing, If the player stopped all you had to do was press play again. I think it was your internet, cuz it is EXTREMELY windy around my area and it worked Great! =) sorry u missed it!

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