Great Mirotic Remix Performance…(Junsu Tripped. but it’s okay)

This was at the “Movie award Ceremony” DBSK opened!

It was a really great Performance! one of my favorites!

A few Annoyance for this Performance was:

  • I didn’t know how rude Old people were
  • hardly anyone looked happy
  • Hardly anyone clapped.
  • A guy was explaining something in the middle of My DBSK’s Performance
  • And the Girls didnt look happy (WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH THEM)
  • and my Junsu fell at 2:26. I think he tripped on U-knows leg!

Other then that, The boys looked adorable and Are in ALL WHITE! i love them.

good performance except for the annoying people! Leave Comments if you thought they were annoying as well, or if you didnt lol.

HQ Performance….


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  1. I AGREE…
    OMFG. They made it seemed like they were forced to watch the guys perform or something… what the heck!?!?!? I am so confused… and I SERIOUSLY hope that – that guy was NOT making fun of DBSK!!!!!!! (because Junsu did fall before they showed him too)
    Is it just me or did Yunho also fall behind Junsu? It seemed like they both ran into each other and then tripped. I noticed that Junsu was a bit upset after that because he ALWAYS puts on an OUTSTANDING performance!
    IT WAS GOOD THOUGH! I liked it – besides all the OLD PEOPLE being heartless!!! I guess DBSK was too much for them to handle… LOL… because they were just so darn gorgeous!!!!!!=D
    Jaejoong’s last note… WAS AMAZING!!!!

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