Happy Birthday Hero Jaejoong!


First of all, This is going to be a Special Post! My stuff for Him will be first, then what Aethiopeia has done for him! The Wallpaper is really big, so im going to make put it as a link =)

Wallpaper: Click here for Kim Jaejoong backgound



Jaejoong2.jpg picture by lovejunsu1880.jpg picture by lovejunsu18PJ7.jpg picture by lovejunsu18ab30.jpg picture by lovejunsu18ab31.jpg picture by lovejunsu18

fcb3783f1ed9db2571cf6ce9.jpg picture by lovejunsu18ab32.jpg picture by lovejunsu18arena5.jpg picture by lovejunsu18jaejoong-10.jpg picture by lovejunsu18jaejoong6.jpg picture by lovejunsu18jaejoong9.jpg picture by lovejunsu18

naneunjaejoong.jpg picture by lovejunsu18normal_e0074362_491aac8836919.jpg picture by lovejunsu18ksdi.jpg picture by lovejunsu18

Diana’s Photos:

Jaeofmindandheartcopy.jpg picture by marineworld

hapticphotoshopped1.jpg picture by marineworld

Monica’s Work:

sing.png picture by lovejunsu18

fierce.png picture by lovejunsu18

icon_two.png picture by lovejunsu18 jae_icon.png picture by lovejunsu18

jae_dork.png picture by lovejunsu18

haha_jae.png picture by lovejunsu18

Unni Work:

UnniD.jpg Unni D picture by lovejunsu18

Alta’s Work:

DBSKJaejoongBirthday2009.gif Alta! picture by lovejunsu18



Mel’s Work:



Credit: those i mentioned above the Photo! Do Not take out without Full Credit!

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  1. YAY~!!! lots of good designs!!! ^_____^

  2. my love!
    hehe. jaejoong, happy birthday.
    lol at school today, i think i shouted to the whole world it was his birthday when they keep asking me who is jaejoong because of the shirt i was wearing.
    lol marina. here i commented. 2 comments for my JAE!
    JOONGIE ~~~

  3. Great Birthday Post Marina!

    To one half of my heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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