2AM, “2009 – Making Music For More Recognition”

Nice meeting them for after some time. I asked them about how much they have gained and they smiled and answered, “did not even grow 1 cm taller.” The last time I met them was at the backstage during last year SBS ‘Gayo Daejun’. At that time, they were about to go on stage and said “We want to go on stage. We feel good.”

STARNEWS finally had a chance to meet Lee ChangMin, Im SeulOng, JoKwon and Jung JinWoon all clad in the traditional hanbok, and giving them a chance to greet everyone ”Happy New Year”.

2AM’s thoughts on their first New Year after debuting last year,
Jung JinWoon, “If there was something that we regret in 2008, I want to fill it up with such a meaningful job this year.”
JoKwon, “I hope to have a healthy body and live my life in full of happiness.”
Im SeulOng, “Planning for a year and figured out how to achive them.”
Lee ChangMin, “I made a lot of resolutions every year but have not been able to accomplish them yet. It will be good if I can accomplish them.”

JinWoon, “We waited for a long time to debut. We are very busy with activities. It made us physically tired but we felt very good about this.”
JoKwon, “Every single day is very precious to us and we feel proud because we work hard for it.”
SeulOng, “I’ve learn a lot from these activities if compared to my trainee days. From popular program, variety TV to award shows, the opportunity to attend them for the first time really gave us to feel the experience and build our confidence.”
ChangMin, “Many people recognize us because of ‘This Song’. In the future, we want to make more good music and hope to set a bigger expectation.”

They have grown so much over the last year’s busy schedule. In the future, 2AM is expected to serve us with more of their deeper voice. Therefore, I hope that they can achieve their hope in this New Year.

ChangMin, “I want to compose songs this year. I want people to know more about 2AM through our music and really want to try being a musician.”
SeulOng, “I want our music to grow naturally and if possible, I want to show others image of a singer.”
JoKwon, “Last year, people gave me a nickname called ‘Kkap Kwon’ because I made a lot of people laugh/happy. This year, I want to show a more of my mature and great image.”
JinWoon, “I want to learn more about music and develop more talent through performing, so that the public can recognize us more.”

This year, Leader JoKwon will be enrolling in Kyunghee University, majoring in Post-Modern Music, “I feel so excited to become a university student. I hope to have a great time in University. I will work hard.” The youngest in 2AM, Jung JinWoon is in his 3rd year of high school, “I can’t wait. [Laughs] Because I want to music, so I’m preparing myself to enroll in music related department in the university. I will work harder to create an opportunity to make a good music. I have to set my goal in order to be more skilled.”

JoKwon, “We’re still considered ourselves as a rookie since we only released a single album. We will try hard to show more matured image in our new album. We hope that people will recognize our music more in 2009.”

Credits: StarNews + Luna + KPOP JJANG

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