Why SeungRi Likened Himself to a ’Self-torturing Pervert’ + Hits Highest Listenership


Big Bang SeungRi has broken the record for the highest number of people tuning to the radio show SBS “2 o’clock Escape Show”.

A SBS representative provided that SeungRi’s appearance on the show on 22nd January have had 150,000 logged in and 80,000 tuning in at the same time, the highest record for the show.

The average amount of listenership for the show is usually 60,ooo to 70,000. There is also heated discussion on SeungRi’s appearance on the show on SBS’s online notice board.

Credits: Sookyeong



SeungRi has raised many eyebrows to have described himself as a ’self-torturing pervert’.

This was what he wrote in Big Bang’s book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ released on 28th January.

SeungRi talks about the criticisms he received, “Criticisms can hurt immediately but I look at them as advice and learning points. Even if I have to accept those hurtful words, I accept them. I tell myself I will become stronger after that.”

“I think like a self-torturing pervert who look at criticisms as sources of energy and motivation.”

SeungRi also revealed that he is not one who will avoid any criticisms, instead he will look up on any of them to read them. It is seldom the case in the entertainment zone that artistes will go and look up on criticisms against them and read them.

Having personally read all the criticisms against him, SeungRi said, “Now I know. And I will make sure there will not be such thoughts popping up in people’s mind the future.”

SeungRi also revealed that he think of criticisms as praises sometimes, “When what that has been criticised grows and complements, it becomes a praise. That is why I enjoy criticisms. When I think of how they will tranform into criticisms, and how I am given the change to become a better artiste and grow, I am thankful and all accept all criticisms against me.”

Credits: Sookyeong

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