Changmin UFO replies!

Fan: Actually, I’m not human, I’m an alien. You didn’t know that right?
CM: Don’t spread that secret around anymore before I donate you to NASA…

Fan: Congratulations on topping the Oricon chart~ I knew this day would come~ Don’t forget we’re always behind you guys
CM: We never forgot^^ continue to work hard GOGOGO~~

Fan: I watched SAW 1, 2 and 3 continously. Thought I was going to go crazy T_T
CM: How great….. ^^;

Fan: I’m memorizing English words T_T Its so difficult T_T Is there any way to remember it faster~???
CM: You just have to memorize it…

Fan: Our school’s summer uniform is pretty right~? I’m going to find you now wearing this, you must recognize me!
CM: Immediately… That wouldn’t be bad… But don’t forget to do what you’re supposed to.

Fan: My name is Park U-Know Yunho Youngwoong Jaejoong Micky Yoochun Xiah Junsu Choikang Changmin CASSIOPEIA~ My name’s really nice right?
CM: It’s not a very nice name from an objective point of view…^^;;

Fan: Sleep-eat-study-sleep-eat-study T_T I’m sick of a life like this
CM: Bear with it for a while more~ actually… those are the best times…

Fan: It’s my husband! How is he? Will agree to this marriage right~Sing me a song of blessing on my wedding ceremony~hehe
CM: This marriage… annulled…

Fan: schick Chang, please reply, OVER.
CM: ;;;;;;;;;; schick Chang’s my nickname now…;;

Fan: Just a gentle touch~~Just like you’re going to fall apart~~are you there?
CM: Aiyo… you’re here~? ^^

Fan: Changmin-ah!! Dont’ fall sick and eat well!! Must eat well at every meal~ T_T
CM: Its time to eat…… en… I’m really hungry now… ;;

Fan: Changmin-ah~ I will help you fill up the 5000 songs on your iPod, which makes up 80% of your life. Will you marry me? ^^
CM: I will fill it up myself~ kekeke

Fan: My friend is a Cassiopeian too, and she says her boyfriend is jealous of oppas. Heehee jealous ah…
CM: ^^ Help me tell that guy to work hard ^^ and date well in the future as well ^^

Fan: Changmin-ah, I need your reply more than striking the lottery… we need to have a conversation~
CM: Think properly… Top prize for lottery… is much more than you think… think again;

Fan: Oppa, reply if you’re still alive. Heehee if you don’t reply, I’m really going to marry you!! I’m a really good cook, and I can look after kids too.
CM: Don’t have to get married because I replied!!!! It’s like that right!!!! Keke

Fan: One single reply from you will let my grades soar…
CM: Try soaring~!!

Source: starnew@baidu
Korean to Chinese Translations: 桃小西@baidu
Chinese to English Translations:

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  1. kekeekeke…..I LOVE ChangMin’s replies!!! HAHAHA soooo funny….. sometime kinda reminds me of……ME!! keke….

    he is my brother from another mother!!

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