Forums To Join!!![The new thing!]

FORUMS That Everyone Loves to Join for free!

be a fan!<3

Boys before Flowers Forum! I know it’s one of the biggest drama’s in Korea!!! talk about it, make Friends who love it And Read all about it almost Paradise Forum! join Now for free![I am Co-Admin here] Click here for BBF forum!

Admin’s:Marina&Jenny =D we welcome EVERYONE from Around the world!<3 BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS IS THE BEST DRAMA! come Join and talk aboout it with us!

If u live in north America(Including Mexico&Canada!) Then Join the DBSK north american Fan club!!! Aethiopeia!!!![ we’ve become Really good friends! Join us!<3[I am Member Here] Click Here for Aethiopeia Forum!
Admins: Dana&Kiki! They welcome everyone from North america, canada& mexico!!!

Be one of the first people to Join 24/7’s Fanclub! do you Like Trax? Well, ROSE(MIN WOO) was there drummer a while back! They Have Fabulous Voices!!! news and videos can be found here![I am co-Admin here] Click here to Join 24/7 Forum!

Admins:Roge, Marina&Jenny! =D we Welcome EVERYONE and anyone who loves 24/7 or Just want to get to know them =D!

CREDIT: Marina+Admin’s Named up there!<3


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