SS501 members Sad because they were not mentioned in The thank you speech.


SS501 member Heo Yeong Saeng said during KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell aired on 14th March, “When Kim Hyun Joong was receiving over the popularity award during Baek Sang Arts Festival, it was such a shame that SS501 was not referred in his thank you speech.”

SS501 Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Hyung Joon was on this episode of Star Golden Bell. Kim Hyung Joon said, “When Kim Hyun Joong received the popularity award on Baek Sang Arts Awards, he received flower bouquets from the F4 first before from us. Even though those are people he had acted together before, it is still quite a shame for that.”

The MC then said, “Yes it is really quite a shame. But because the F4 members were closer. Because of that, I think he had no choice.”

Heo Yeong Saeng then continued, “When SS501 was 3 members and we got #1, we thanked Kim Hyun Joong in our thank-you speech. But during his thank-you speech during Baek Sang Arts Awards, he gave a good speech for his acting colleages, and we thought we were going to get mentioned at the end of the speech but he said instead ‘This award is to be shared with everyone!’.”

Credits: Sookyeong

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  1. i really don’t think he should be mad. perhaps he really does not even realize that he did not mention ss501. this can’t be totally blamed on his head right?

  2. it doen’t really make sense to feel sad about i mean he wasthanking the people who acted with him at an acting award i think it only made sense if it was a singing award im pretty sure he would have mentioned ss501

  3. I don’t think Hyun Joong is doing right

  4. Yeah, i don’t think hyun joong did a right thing coz however ss501 supported him but he didn’t thank them in the Award. But maybe he didn’t even realise that he has to thank the ss501….

  5. anyeong hasaeyo!!!!!!!double “s” 501 im glad i found u

  6. i love u kim hyun joong n heo young saeng …………..

  7. Ok. So i read the Article and i understand where the other members are coming from. They helped with the OST of BOF and i love their songs but i don’t think that kim hyun joong thought about it. There are numerous things going on at the time sometimes you forget things. Have they even thought of asking him why they didn’t mention their credit? if the did then i dont think it would have been an issue. i know how it feels like to not be credited to favors but sometimes you learn to let it slide and let things be. If it annoys them so much, it should be their matter, not the media’s matter.

  8. i am from pakistan. ilike this band very much .i wish them happy new year. (may all of u live long and healthy and also be the happiest man of world)

  9. I love them so much
    I am from Saudi Arabia send kisses and wishes them every success..
    Thanks = Kmsameda = شكراً

  10. Hmm I dnt think anyone should b at blame for this coz considering Kim Hyun Joong he may have forgotten to thank them, it happens ryt? Plus I understand the other members koz they feel very close to the leader and consider him like family and felt hurt that he might have forgotten them!
    Well this incident shud b forgotten and leader should try prepare a speech next time!lol

  11. this is bullshit what is happening

  12. hellow i’am in the phillipines can i friendz u???

  13. I think that Hyun Joong is not right at his disposal and he should mention his band in his speech
    I guess that Singh and Yong Hyong John say this because they love him and appreciate, but they wanted to draw your consideration of his band because they are indigenous, a leader of this band
    But they have returned strongly this year, lioness and a consortium and cooperation and they are happy now
    ss501 fighting
    i love hyung jun and young seang and kyu joong very much …. spiecaly hyung jun

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