top singer Rain will take a stand


It’s hardly the triumphant return to the U.S. that South Korean pop superstar Rain had hoped for — an appearance that will do little to further his stated intention of becoming an “Asian fusion” answer to Ricky Martin.

Confirming anxious speculation that has lit up K-Pop chatrooms from here to Seoul, Sunwoo Lee, an attorney representing Rain — the wildly popular singer-actor dubbed “the Justin Timberlake of Asia” — saidthat the performer would appear in court in Hawaii next week to face charges stemming from his abruptly cancelled concert there in 2007.

“He will appear on Monday,” Rain’s attorney said. In court Wednesday, a lawyer for Hawaiian concert promoter, Seung Su Lee of Honolulu-based Click Entertainment Inc., accused Rain and his former management firm JYP Entertainment of “shameful and dishonest business practices.” Lee’s civil lawsuit alleges that Rain and JYP breached a contract and defrauded his company, damaging his business and reputation. The concert promoter says he lost more than $1 million because of the cancellation.

What can Rain’s legion of fans expect to hear when the singer takes the stand?

Rain has not much to say,” Sunwoo Lee said. “He was preparing for a concert and did his best. He was in good condition to perform and these other guys weren’t ready. They lost money and now they’re trying to get the scoop on Rain. I’m confident they don’t have any case.”
Compounding the singer’s legal difficulties, however, the promoter of Rain’s abruptly canceled June 2007 performance at Los Angeles’ Staples Center filed a complaint in L.A. County Superior Court suing Rain and his management handlers for $30 million. Among the allegations against Rain, JYP and his former Seoul-based production company StarM:breach of contract and fraud.

Rain has done all right for himself but he’s screwed over a lot of people along the way,” said the Los Angeles concert’s promoter Andy Kim.
Look out for a story about that legal dispute in The Times next week.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. Rain would NEVER cancel a concert willingly. In an earlier concert in Singapore on the same world tour, he went without a cast and performed in pain with a broken arm in order to not disappoint his fans.

    Rain has been victimized twice in this case – first by unscrupulous management and production companies who abused Rain’s reputation to make money, and a second time by the American court system.

    Rain’s management company, JYP Entertainment, sold the production rights for Rain’s North American tour to Star M Entertainment for $10 million. Star M’s CEO in turn sold rights to some of the concerts to a friend’s company, Revolution Entertainment. Those two companies, both of which are now defunct, made the decisions to cancel. Rain had no control over those decisions and I have read accounts of eyewitnesses who said he tearfully begged to perform before the LA concert, but was not allowed to do so.

    I think Americans lack an understanding of the differences between the Korean and American entertainment industry and that may have factored into the decision of the judge and jurors. In the US, artists hire their agents. In Korea, entertainment companies hire artists and make decisions over which artists have very little control. The role of the artist is to practice hard, put on the best performance he or she can, and avoid scandal. Rain has performed this role responsibly and is respected as working harder than anyone else in the industry.

    It is a shame that the greed of others have caused so much damage to the reputation and career of this talented artist.

  2. ummm Okay…
    I just spread the news….

    If you know rain, then u know rain. Thanx for the comment tho^^

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