2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul Spring

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Korea National Tourism Organization, and Korea Tourism Association Central Committee in corporation with Telecom will present 2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul Spring on April 11th and 12th at 6 pm, held in Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

The purpose of the event this year is to aim progress in “Korea Grand Sale”, as such promoting and attracting foreign tourists to come to South Korea. This is one of South Korea government’s way to overcome Asia economic crisis in the country and also to show Korean culture to all over Asia and Telecom will be actively supporting this event.

In 2009 the first wave support to this government’s event comes from Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung, SHINee, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, and a lot more Hallyu stars will join in.

This concert is a great opportunity for Korean pop stars to meet their fans.

(T/N: I dont really get this part so I will just translate it roughly) The seats in this concert will be arranged in such way so that all the audiences will experience benefit as if they’re in VIP seats. The stage will be built to produce an exciting stage as the audiences and the stars will become one.

Tickets are sold to domestic market exclusively by G-market, details of this concert will also be announced through G-Market, as said by Telecom representative.

Source: 119@breaknews.com
Translations: Sharing Yoochun


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