Boa At Universal City Walk!!!! [Photos]

Boa was at Universal City Walk on March 22, 2009!

125 People were chosen to Meet her, A free autograph, watch her give a Donation to the hard rock cafe and Also be in the center! With reserved Spaces for them!

My Friends and i were not one of those Top 125 because we didnt know how Early we were supposed to be there…

There were so many fans there! we were surprised of how many people heard about the event! it was Packed!!! we were lucky! we were one of the first ones! We were so close to the Side of the stage! she’s so cute!! she smiled at those around us!!!! It was funny, the guy in front of us who had a Big Professional camera, Right when she smiled he was like OMG! I wonder if he clicked the picture!! lol hella close that i didn’t even have to really zoom in my camera to get a good picture! she sang two songs! “I did it for love” and “Eat you Up”. 102.7 Kiis FM were there also Supporting the Performance And of course because they love their girl BoA! Im so glad  I went<3 between her songs she was like whats my next song, And all the fans yelled out “I DID IT FOR LOVE” and she was like ” WHAT IT IS?” x3 lol. so cute! everyone was satisfied with the performance and Seeing her Live!<3 WOOT WOOT!!!  below you can see the Photo’s. if you would like clear Photo’s without it being branded, Then leave ur name and Email/Blog by commenting it Or Emailing me at if u do not wish Anyone to know ur Email =D! I will Surely give them to you, On one condition! it MUST HAVE THE CREDIT:Diana&Marina Or MARINEYISMARINA

YAY!!!! here are the Photo’s ENJOY!


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