Boys before flowers Season 2 confirmed!!!

EDITTTT:Goo Hye Sun has stated that this was not true!

they are not sure if this will go on or not…=( it must have been a joke/Rumor going around which has gotten many people excited for nothing! including me.. DEPRESSED MUCH!

Today’s ending of the 25 episodes of the popular drama, Boys Over Flowers had obtained large amount of support from the audience. As such, the author of the drama announced a good news : Boys over flowers season 2 will be out next year February.

The drama initially did not have high viewership, but because of the raising popularity of the drama after that, he decided to plan a season2 for the drama.

The suspense left at the end of episode 25 was actually a hint that there may be season 2 for Boys over flowers.

Source: jpopasia

More lee min ho! more f4!!! it doesn’t Get any better then this!!! Join the Boys before Flowers International Forum here!!!!


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  1. is this really true cause I read somewhere that it was joke due to April’s Fool day yesterday…..can you please confirmed that this is absolutly TRUE….cause I’ll be watching if is true.

  2. well, The director announced that he hinted it at the end of the drama! so i guess it’s true! Plus!! while it was april 1 here it was april 2 there… so.. It was based on korean time.. So yeah doubt it was an april fools joke! and if it is! they totally forgot the APRIL FOOLS at the end of the article!

  3. Am so happy!!! I love this drama! And can’t wait for more.

  4. It would be nice to see an actual wedding of Jan Di and Jun Pyo! How exciting!

  5. love this drama ! more SoEul , please ..

  6. Yes!!!!! BOF 2 sound good, at first I actually didn’t like the Ideas of HYD having a korean version but after I watched this version I’m hooked ^^

  7. the boys over flowers was the best…lee min ho is so fine..gosh

  8. looking forward to season 2!

  9. OMG I hope this is true…..I love hyun joong and in episode 25 u can still see that he like jandi in the show…and wat happens to gu jun pyos dad…. So much has to be told….love boys before flowers….fighting

  10. 2nd season?? will hearts break again??

  11. i have no clue! but we’ll see ^^ i hope not my lee min ho’s!!!

  12. I really hope there is part II of BOF with all the same original cast members. It feels somewhat unreal! Anyway, I can’t wait. Why do they have to have it in Febraury again? All the actors were co cold and freezing. I hope they give the actors plenty of rest in between so that there are no accidents and injuries again. maybe they can start shooting in the summer or fall to be released in the winter, Feb. !!!!!

  13. Yeah, Supposedly as of right now! it was all a lie!! =(
    Sorry but goo Hye sun has just announced it was a rumor =(


  14. I hope not! if you go on youtube..there’s a season 2 teaser.

    ahh! i love kimbum~~~~~ i really do hope season 2 will come out… although, Kimbum is coming out in another drama (i believe..) called Iris. with Kim Tae Hee, and T.O.P from Big Bang!! 🙂

  15. No.. thats a special Episode not a Season 2 =)

    season two hasnt been confirmed

  16. sucks.
    But still, i can’t wait to see it!!
    do you kknow when it’s coming out??

  17. i’m really eager 2 watch season 2 of boys over flowers….
    hurry up drctor…
    decide it now…

  18. I’m hungry for more!!

  19. is this news for real gosh i really really love bof their the best f4 ive ever watch their better than the past 2 f4.. jun pyo is so hot and i love him more than my boyfriend..hahaha.. hope there really is a part 2 of bof

  20. there has to be season 2!! something was missing at the very end of episode 25!! there has to be more!!! I want more Ji Hoo!! I want more Ji Hoo and Jan Di moments! I want to see them become doctors..and hopefully in love with each other again…it was soo obvious that Ji Hoo still loved Jan Di. he repeated college just so that they can be together…he was going to tell her that at the ending but but that bratty little kid who want’s marry my Ji Hoo interrupted!Tramp!!grr!! please let there be a season 2!! I’d get down on my knees and grovel if I have to!!

  21. i want season 2… it looked like the last episode still had a continuation. 🙂
    i love that show!
    so nice…
    and does anybody know the link to the special episode on Youtube? Please and THANK YOU!

  22. heyy,is this a rumor or not?
    cause i actually want to have a part two !
    **PLEAAASEEEE confirm the season two !

  23. what is really the truth behind this?I got starstruck with this boys and me too expecting to have a season 2! Well,count me in for the voting of BOF season 2! pleaseeeee??


  24. I want season 2 too but I want to watch more sweet moment with Jun Pyo and Jan di..please?? they really look good together! In the end, there is really something missing! I want to watch their married life! please.and about Kim Bum..I want their lovelife too to be focused in the next season! and Ji hoo as best friend of Jan di..Please more kissing scene for Jun Pyo and Jan di..! whew! got hooked by them! lorve it! 🙂

  25. Yahoo!! Yes! there’s season2. i hope there won’t be too much sad parts in the show..if there is, hope not to much! i hate it when thigs was just about be depressing. Oh..jandi must say yes to junpyo when he ask her to marry him.

  26. really? how did u find out? if that’s true i will be SOOO happy! yay! i really want to see them getting married and stuff. 😀

  27. I’m not sure if they are getting married but they must!! they deserve each other..don’t you think?

  28. I’m not sure if they’re getting married but i just hope so cuz they desrve each other! Don’t you think so?

  29. agreed. in the last episode she didnt answer jun pyo when he proposed! so there should be season 2!!! 😀

  30. agreed. She should accept jun pyo’s proposal. 😀

  31. Do you think that jihu or junpyo is perfect for jandi?? well..jihu always make jandi feel better whenever she’s down hearted but what do you think??:)

  32. Hi there 🙂 can anyone please tell me if it’s official that BOF will have a season two? Or will they not have one? O.o I really think this version is the best & it’s illogical if it doesn’t have a sequal since it’s the best!!

  33. Im so hooked on Boys over flowers Im so excited to watch season 2. Pls hurry up and come out already. I want to know what happens to Ji hoo. Since he is soul mate with Jan di, how can she not fall for him? O, but on the other hand, Jun Pyo is so sweet and he developed into a better man. What happened to his nasty mom and to his father? So many questions left hanging. What happens to F4 now they are all grown up? I hope season 2 will even be better that season 1.

  34. it said it was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE, guyz!


  36. yeah. it was just an april fools joke people. BUT STILL i WISH there will be a season two. =) i agree that the ending was hanging and that the korean version was really great!

  37. Wait..NOT true?! How can that be?? There ‘re must be a season 2 cuz season 1 will be wasted when there’s no season2! The story isn’t finish! I vote for season2!:p

  38. ohh..
    i really love this drama and the actors too..
    they’re good in their act!
    but i more like kim joon because his very sweet and nice people (i think) 😉
    is that true? there are the 2nd Boys Before Flowers?? ohh i really happy to hear that..
    when especially they will visit Indonesian?? especially kim joon..
    i’ll always be wait them here ok?? 😉
    i like the song too ( because i’m stupid- kim hyun joong, stand by me- shinee and paradise- T-max)

  39. oh noo??!!
    there wasn’t the 2nd season??
    ohh i really dissapointed
    coz the ending is not clearly (for me)
    i hope there was the 2nd season!!!!!!1 😦

  40. Is this really true of Boys over Flowers being confirmed to having another Season. Did the author of Boys over Flowers really did confirm for a Season 2. If that author did I will be extremely excited to see and watch what happens next. The ending of BOF left some loose ends. Did Jan Di ever give a hint of saying yes or no to Jun Pyo’s proposal at the beach? I would love to see a wedding for Jan Di and Jun Pyo. As well see the SoEul couple be together. If this was an April Fools Joke, I will be extremely mad, because the producers who made Boys over Flowers should have realized about the loose ends at the last episode. If it is true that the show has confirmed that there will be a season 2, then I will be watching! Please PLEASE, producers of Boys over Flowers, continue another season to keep my hopes up =)

  41. yay…season 2 is coming out! (or is it?) remember the good times…and the actors/actresses must take a break too… XD

  42. am so happy to see to have thier Part II…Confermation is Confermed!!!I hope the part II will Kho hye Sun And Lee min Ho is still on the BOF Character….

  43. yes i m really excited to see gaeul and yi jeong story again i really got sad when bof ends yesterday here in the philippines……………yes i love soeulmates

  44. i hope ther will be a season two of bof huhuhu

    i lab kim bum so much

  45. i think there is, because in taiwanese version there is a season 2, and of course they have remain the same actor and actress because if not they will ruin the whole story… can’t wait to see the season 2, even if it will take next month as long as it is confirmed, at least the fans fee at ease. More power to BOF.. love yah F4

  46. i think there is, because in taiwanese version there is a season 2, and of course they have to remain the same actor and actress because if not they will ruin the whole story… can’t wait to see the season 2, even if it will take months as long as it is confirmed, at least the fans will feel at ease. More power to BOF.. love yah F4, hi Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon , Koo Hye Sun andKim So Eun,

  47. Yeah.. I love BOF so much ! And I think there’ll be BOF Season 2.. The raising of the popularity will make it to the Season 2 of this drama.. Wow..,can’t wait..
    LOVE Min-Sun ! GO, GO, GO, F4 -n- BOF !!!

  48. u sure it is not fake i heard that it was a april fool joke so it was not true

  49. am lukin 4ward 4 dis!!will be aWesOmE watching the soulmates….i mean kim bum\yi jung n ga eul\kim so eun!! 😀

  50. go i love bof please decided directors

  51. i really want season 2………..nd i want 2 see the marriage of geun jan di nd gun jun pyo………….

  52. i am really excited for the season 2 of boys over flowers im gonna watch it especially lee min ho and kim hyun joong they are the best actor for me i hope that theres season 2

  53. COUNT ME IN … I want a “boys over flowers 2” … I Love it so much that … I’ve watched it everyday until 3 in the morning and i bought it way back in 2009 i can never and will not forget boys over flowers….im a fan for life !! Oh please make a season 2 please please please !!

  54. Wow!! I’m waiting for BOF 2.. It really soungs great… But I hope the actors are the same… Becoz if not we won’t be watching it… Please make BOF2… We are dying to watch it..

  55. sadly ther will be no boys over flowers 2 it has been confirmed that there will be no bof 2 i still want it but its very sad that there isnt a second season

  56. wooooow I m waiting for BOF 2…:)

  57. it’s confirmed that the bof 2 is showing in april 1 2015.. and that’s confirmed.. i’m updated too.. 🙂

  58. Season 2 thinking of what it will be like because there is peace already so is it gonna be between the two friends soul mate and husband. Wow say what! Love the show someone needs to get more jealous .lol

  59. Really excited to see kim bum and ga eul
    Is it full confirmed?

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