YWCA called the KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers” an “absolute failure”

Seoul YWCA called the KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers” an “absolute failure” in its latest monitoring report.

According to a group of university students who participated in the assessment of the drama, the Cinderella story became immensely popular thanks to its good-looking cast and easy-to-understand storyline.

However, the group pointed out that the drama failed to deliver more than a worn-out story involving violence in school, teenagers indulging in pleasure and prejudice toward others based on their appearance and social class. It added that the leading female character named Geum Jan-di particularly failed to convince being passive and dependent, yet cocky at times.

The report concluded that the 25-part drama series was the epitome of materialism and the Cinderella complex, and has set a bad example for Korean dramas.

Credit: kpop Jjang

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  1. I believe that if the BOF is seen again as if one is reading a novel in the quiet of one’s room, one will find so many wonderful lessons about love, friendship as well as following one’s dreams and making your own reality a better one. Yes there is violence and there are no adults around. Often and very sadly, in the real world, events of being bullied go unnoticed. Yes there is materialism. F4 are wealthy after all and they have unusual freedom with their money because all 4 of them have not-so-good parents. F4 are, after all, the products of wounded and negligent family background. Jandi brings positive values, love and comfort to F4. It so makes sense that she becomes a doctor in the story and so does Jihoo who was most affected by Jandi. Sometimes she had to yell and kick to get the message across. And Jandi herself is a young teenager who has to sort her own thoughts and feelings about her values that come in conflict by attending the special school. The fact that Jandi works at a porridge shop (and porridge is usually for the sick, isn’t it?) is so symbolic about the need to heal and comfort not judge and put down the sickness inside the Shinwa school and maybe in our society. It is a great and wonderful story that is going strong after more than 10 years in publication by the Japanese author. I also praise the Korean screen writer who wrote the BOF. That authot did an amanzing job! I loved BOF and I thank you.

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