Kara managed to get their first-ever No.1 on their 707th day since their debut with Honey on 5th March. To celebrate their success, the 5-member girl group had a small home party recently. It was already past dinner-time (8pm) when I (reporter) reached Kara’s dormitory. The girls had only just returned home following a tv performance. The maknae members, Ji Young and Nicole bought ingredients for the home party while they were on their way back.

Singers turning into cooks as they gathered in the kitchen to prepare the food. Today’s menu include cheese ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) by Hara and Ji Young while Nicole will make tuna kimbap. Hara hinted, “Our maknae has a lot of potential with cooking.”

She must be a princess who can eat like no tomorrow even though it’s pretty late. It was a surprise to see Seung Yeon who has a small physique and yet wolfing down plate after plate of ddeokbokki. Seung Yeon explained, “I am always hungry because of our packed schedule. But all would be fine (stay slim) because we put in effort during practise.”

It’s a ritual for Kara to be watching Boys Before Flowers. All 5 members would gather in front of the television once they finished their work. They pay extra attention because they are the only girl group to have a song on the drama’s soundtrack and also because their sunbae, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong is in the drama. Gu Hara joked, “How we are going to spend our time when it (Boys Before Flowers) ends?”

It’s no surprise that this is a girls’ domitory because of the numerous stuffed toys. Nicole said, “We love our stuffed toys very much and would love to carry all of them to sleep. But it’s difficult (too many). It would be rather lonely without the stuffed toys.”

“This photo (her parents) and book were gifts from my parents. They taught me to be always humble and to become someone that’s loved by everyone…”, says Gyuri. Her treasures are thus the words that were written by her parents on the book and the photo of her parents. Gyuri said, “Whenever I find it difficult, I would always pick myself up again after seeing the photo and the words that my parents wrote for me.”

All the gadgets are Seung Yeon’s babies which goes to show how she loves her IT stuff. Just picture her collection which consists of 3 notebooks, mp3 player, psp, ps2, nintendo ds, etc, she has almost everything that a normal IT geek would have. Seung Yeon said, “I spend most of my money on buying IT stuff. I would start researching on the internet whenever a new product is released. I also have a couple of headphones/earphones, because you need different kinds for different genres of music. I don’t have much interest in clothes, etc. But when it comes to gadgets, I can really get lost with them.”

“These are 2 of my favourite stuffed animals that have kept me company whenever I feel lonely”, says Nicole. Tigger and the pig have kept Nicole company since the time when she was in America. Although fans have given her many stuffed toys as presents, these 2 stuffed animals have been with her the longest and are her most valued possessions. Nicole said, “Although there’s a hole on the face of the pig, I can’t bear to throw it away. When I did not know any Korean or felt lonely, they became my very best friends.”

This is Gu Hara’s personal magazine which was created by a fan and is only 1 of the many special presents that she has received. Hara explained, “The magazine content are all about me, the comics, interviews, snippets, etc. This Gu Hara’s magazine is 1 of my biggest treasures. Whenever I meet with difficulties or feel down, I would think of my fans. And after flipping through my magazine, I would feel re-energized.”

Reading fan letters is a very enjoyable thing for Kara’s maknae member, Kang Ji Young. It was thus no surprise to see fan letters neatly stacked together in a big box lying on Ji Young’s table. Ji Young expressed while sitting on the table, “I would feel really happy when I start reading the letters.” “Oh, oh, be careful not to dirty it (with snacks)!”, which goes to show how much Ji Young treasure those letters. “I would feel very blissful, just snacks in one hand while reading the letters with the other. Hoho.”

Credits: Allkpop