2NE1 to Have a Special Debut, Top Secret Debut Plans Still in the Making

Group 2NE1 will have a special debut.

With their upcoming debut in May, it is said that ‘female Big Bang2NE1 will debut via a special method/channel. And their company YG Entertainment is currently working this top secret debut method.

A YG representative said on the 20th, “2NE1 will have a special debut, different what from normally groups or singers will do. We still cannot reveal much about their debut yet.”

Already, the group has received great popularity with their collboration with Big Bang on the CM song ‘Lollipop’. With the effect of group Big Bang working for them, it is said that this group will be one of the best newcomer group of 2009.

And now, with a special debut way planned for them, more attention will be put on this newcomer group.

Meanwhile, the song ‘Lollipop’ is hogging the #1 positions on various music charts. Not only that, the song is also doing very well winning the #1 positions on various caller ringtone and bell song charts – one of the most successful CM songs released.

Credits: Sookyeong

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