SeeYa Lee Boram and Kim Yeon Ji, “What Nam GyuRi said distorts the whole truth”


SeeYa members Lee Boram, Kim Yeon Ji were filming for their new project group digital single’s MV on 26th April in GyeongGiDo with Davichi and T-Ara JiYeon.

Lee Boram and Kim Yeon Ji also revealed their views on member Nam GyuRi leaving the group.

Lee Boram, “Nam GyuRi saying that she received unjust treatment is really hard to believe. Because of what GyuRi said, the whole truth has been distorted. Our company and SeeYa are also being put at a difficult situation. We hope that all this unpleasant talk will just stop.”
Kim Yeon Ji, “We signed a 5-year contract in 2006. There has been talk about us getting 130 million KRW. If it is because of money, we could have just easily moved on to another company.”

Lee Boram, “When we see what Nam GyuRi wrote, we were so bewildered. After all the effort our company and manager put into us. It is such a difficult situation for us now. I don’t know how Nam GyuRi has been treated unjustly. It is not true when Nam GyuRi said she earned only 80 million KRW.”

Kim Yeon Ji
, “We had been through so much with Nam GyuRi unnie this 3 years. Everyone in the company, staff and all that, had given in so much to make us stars on stage, even in our shoes, we thought this is like betraying our staff.”


Davichi, SeeYa and Ji Yeon filming for new MV

Lee Boram continued, “It was really tough when we were promoting our 3rd album. Because Nam GyuRi has to be on her acting activities and there were talk about her leaving, it was really hard preparing for our 3rd album. Because we are people who really want to sing, in the process of preparing for our 3rd album, we said that we will not promote without GyuRi’s part. Saying that it is unfair is not being understanding on our part. We have more parts of the tough time.”

Kim Yeon Ji, “Nam GyuRi unnie had wanted to go into acting very much from the start. She had said she wanted to go into acting, and hope that her plans to go into acting will go well. She had wanted to do well in acting and then come back as SeeYa but many situations have not allowed that.”

She continued, “She is not a bad person. But Nam GyuRi’s leaving has brought us much hurt and she did not do her responsibilities as a leader to the team.”

Lee BoRam said tearing, “We cannot even contact her now. All of this just happened in that instance. It is very tough on us.”

Kim Yeon Ji, “Unnie wanted to go acting much from the start. We hope that she won’t go back on her dreams.”

Lee Boram, “From our standpoint, we were like a team. We really don’t want to bring up this talk about Nam GyuRi.”

Kim Yeon Ji, “We are sorry that we brought confusion to the fans. We hope that all this will end soon. And then we want to do our best to continue as SeeYa. We hope to become better in front of everyone.”

Credit: Kbites

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