Top korean Artist famous in USA

1. BoA
2. Wonder girls
3. Girls’ generation
5. Big Bang
6. Dong Bang Shin Ki
7. Rain
8. Super Junior
9. 2Pm

i like those top 10!<333 WOOT WOOT!

source: http://www.Korg .com
Trans: supisup@soompi
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + dbsknights

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  1. omg mari! i like the top 10 too!!! it amazes me though that SNSD got 3rd when they aren’t even promoted in the USA o_O but nonetheless… i like 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 ;D

  2. HAHA! glad you like it<3 me too

  3. Oh mahnnn i want super junior in top 5. but i like the top ten and its close enough. I expected rain to be no.1 though.

  4. i expected rain to be no 1 since he’s been exposed to US tv through drama, film and cfs all which lead people to purchase his music before they knew about Boa and the others here.

    the poll says only 2,ooo voted, but i just found out about it today. not many knew about this poll.

    Boa, Se7en, wondergirls are mostly popular on the westcoast. don’t hear about them on the eastcoast hardly at all…i don’t know???

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