Junsu/Yesung/Young Saeng/Daesung SARANGHAE!


My name is Marina, I love Kpop. My life revolves around DBSK, Super Junior, ss501, Big Bang and the rest of K pop stars. I love watching We Got Married. It’s a Hella Cute show. No matter who it is, something makes me like the Show. I write blogs about shows, People, Or a new event.Please Credit me or whoever i credit on my blog, I always credit if i take it out. I will always Blog as long as i am free. I update often. One thing that makes me post more often are the comments.I am in college, so it’s hard for me to update as much as some others, but i do post with everything of the event.. YAY!!! ❤ MUCH LOVE, SHOW the LOVE! I will be Updating with EVERYTHING From now on =D. Mostly SM, YG, and JYP!<3

Published on 10/19/2008 at 9:13 pm  Comments (6)  

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  1. I totally AGREE with you!
    I love Kpop as well! And of course that means DBSK and Big Bang! (Ji yong)
    I love your blog it’s very cool! As I’m also studying I know what you mean when you say you it’s hard to update!

    I’m pretty new to blogging and yeah Visit me sometimes!


  2. It’s Fun to Blog! but it’s Even better when People comment, it helps You know Ur not doing this for nothing =D THANK YOU!!!!! i’ll Visit!

  3. YESUNG<3

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. I love DBSk too.in DBSK,I love Hero.Can you keep me new information about DBSk?

  6. read my blog and you’ll see constant updates about DBSK!

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