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2pm win’s their First award on M! Countdown!!!

YAY!!! im so proud of the boys!!

They have only Comeback and already won their first award!!
good job FIGHTING!!!!! (Time to go watch performance!)

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Park Jungmin Dating Kim HyunJoong Rumors While in Japan!


SS501 member Park Jungmin in recent MBC Golden Fishery show (aired May 6) shared his story of the old rumors in Japan saying he’s a gay and liking SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong to the viewer.

Park Jungmin,” When we’re in Japan there’s a rumor of me liking our leader Hyunjoong. I actually put a prank on leader.  I wrote him a love letter and put it into his bag just to tease him, and when he found the letter he took it out n continued my joke by saying that the letter was given by Jungmin to me and he even give me a belt as a gift. But that was just a ‘revenge’ from him to me for trying to put a prank on him. And that is the trigger to the rumor. It was totally a joke, yet, it lead into the GAY rumor instead.”

Park Jungmin,” And as any other man of course I want to meet the perfect woman and get married too someday”.

Credits: imuyachan

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2PM: “What Makes Us ‘Feel Down…”

Only a week, after 2PM’s latest album has been released, their single ‘Again & Again’ and album ‘Time for Change’ are on the top rank of several Korean leading music charts. Today, 2PM members are talking about the thing that cause them feel down.

Jaeboem said, “I’m short? No, just average. ”

Jaeboem, 2PM’s leader insisted that he did not feel down with his height that is in average level but it’s because average height of 2PM members is 180 cm, that made him seems short. However, even Jaeboem is 174cm, but his wonderful ‘chocolate abs’ is the best in this group.

Jaeboem also added that, “My Korean is not good enough. So when we were in TV or radio program I could not understand the whole thing or laugh together with them and this condition made me feel down.” Jaeboem was born in US and came back to Korea last five year for debuting to be a singer.

Chansung, the youngest in this group said, “I am a real Korean-born but they teased me that my Korean is worse than Jaeboem bro. ”
“When I say something, my words are not continuing smoothly. They have teased me about this. ” He said while was laughing. “However, I still could not fix this problem, so it made me feel down.”

Chansung said humorously that, “Because I have a childish personality, so I did not get angry when they teased me. All bros always do like that and I am an easy-going and playful one. ” “However, the teasing that my Korean is worse than Jaeboem bro who has lived in US for 18 years seems too much.”

Junsu has a problem with his forgetful habit. “My forgetful habit is a serious problem.” He mentioned something he forgot included his purse and the worst case is his video camera that cost a million won. That big amount of money was a reward from a singing contest which he won before the debut. “I was shocked.”

That camera is very important for Junsu dance practicing. The boys said, “he might be amnesia.” Junsu sigh and said, “at that time I was serious about this problem and though that I should have a hypnotized treatment”

Taecyeon has a problem with his dressing style.

He said, “My dressing style doesn’t work.” The other members said loudly, “It’s not, ‘doesn’t work’ but it is ‘weird’.” Taecyoen responded angrily that, “ do we need to dress fashionable when we go to supermarket?” Then, he smile and said, “not only my friends but even fans also teased me about this. So, I should pay attention on this.”

It seems like Taecyeon still has confidence on his fashion philosophy (?) “I have my own style.”

Junho, “I’m not a funny? Let’s re-think about it tonight.”

Junho said, “my friends said I’m not a funny one but actually it’s because I intended not to be funny and keep watching other’s reaction.” The members were trying to tease Junho’s word but he reacted calmly with resisting, “before you go to bed to night, think about it thoroughly and laugh.”

“I’m the one who easily feel down. I always think that I would do better for our stage performances.” Junho said.

Wooyoung “Don’t ask me why I cried last night, my eyes just puffy.”

“Sometimes our fans asked me why I cried last night.” Wooyoung said. “My eyes are small, so when it was puffy in the morning, I could not go anywhere.”

During the interviewing, the reporter told him, “it is not that bad.” Woo Young responded quickly, “it could be seen clearly through TV, my eyes were disappeared.” He sigh dejectedly, “is it a incurable symptom?”

Nichkhun, “I’m very happy, I can eat as much as I want and never gain weight.”

The last member of the group said about the topic ‘feel down’ shortly, “I’m happy.” He was trying to gather and arrange Korean language which is not so good in his minds for few minutes. “I ate a lot but have not gained weight…” Then, his team members shouted loudly, “that’s enough!”

Nickhun intended to say that his muscle is less than other members but it seems like he said something wrong. He added, “because I’m not good at Korean.” Others 2PM members clicked their tongue and said, “he is not good at Korean, just only this kind of situation.”

Source: Asian Fanatics

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s Cellphone Design for ANYCALL

SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong, Son Dambi, Kimbum & Kimjoon have been the ‘new employee’ for Anycall.

The 4 of them have been presenting their design for the mobile phone case.

Kim Hyunjoong’s concept is taken from UFO. It uses a glow in the dark material. Hyunjoong,” I got the idea from UFO, since I really want to see and ride an UFO one day, so I use it as the basic idea, that’s explains where the circles design came from”.

Son Dambi proposed a hologram & heart design. The design is targeted to couple mobile phone.

Kim Hyunjoong & Kimjoon visited theme park to seek design inspiration.They were guarded by 10 bodyguard, yet, still, the high school-er fans surrounding them and made them having a lack of time to seek the inspiration and need to leave earlier than scheduled. As for Son Dambi and Kimbum, both  visited Insa-dong for the same reason.

Anycall judges praisely said,” As expected the 4 of them are giving creative design & ideas”.

As for the mobile phone case design, netizen gave a 4 stars and said the designs should be released to public.

After mobile phone case design challenge, the 4 of them will move on to the next mission which will be mobile phone sales related mission.

The Anycall Haptic Mission OST is also popular among music lover. The 2nd season will be release on mid of May 2009, which will featured Kim Hyunjoong’s group SS501 as one of the singer.

Source: Nate
Translations: imuyachan

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Big bang Photoshoot*totally Cute*

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2am+2pm’s jaebum do navi’s “injured heart”

SO CUTE!<333 I love it!!

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GDragon may return to Korea from Europe vacation as soon as this weekend, “I’m doing well”

GDragon looking tired having caught a cold at the November CyWorld DMA

Big Bang leader GDragon who has recently gone on an Europe vacation to study on fashion.

YG Entertainment said on the 7th, “GDragon went on a trip to Europe starting from England. And he is currently resting well. And he has let us know that he is doing well there.”

“Even though it has not been decided when exactly he will be back in Korea. But if it is fast enough, he will beback by this weekend.”

YG recently revealed that due to the work at head, GDragon went into a slight slump condition. And hence plans for his solo album in April was postponed.

However the company revealed, “Before doing on the Europe trip, his slight depression condition is already cleared. The vacation is just one for him to rest his mind and body, and let him do some recuperation.”

There has also been photos uploaded online showing that he is enjoying on his vacation. YG representative said, “Fans need not worry too much as GDragon’s condition is maintaining a good condition. Please continue to give him the support he needs.”

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