Lee Jung Hyun transform into a goddess for new MV


Ahead of her comeback, still cuts to singer Lee Jung Hyun’s new MV have been been revealed.

ljh_070509_2Already, the jacket to her minialbum ‘Avaholic’ featuring her doing Marie Antoinette has been the topic amongst netizens. This time for her MV, she has transformed into goddess in white.

The MV was filmed in America. Currently, Lee Jung Hyun is finishing up the latter half of the recording works for her comeback minialbum. And to practise for her choreography, Lee Jung Hyun had went to America on 6th May to look for choreographers like Brian Friedman.

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Super Junior to move on with ‘It’s You’


Group Super Junior will move on to promote a new song.

They will end the promotional stages for song ‘Sorry Sorry’ off their new album released last March on 17th May. The song has been doing well on online and offline charts, and it also won the best song of the month for March and April on music programme KBS Music Bank.

After which, they will move on to promote the song ‘It’s You’. ‘It’s You’ will be a fast and addictive number similar to that of Lee Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’.

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2NE1 will be 2009 best newcomer? New MVs gets a million views in less than a day

2ne1_050509_2Newcomer 2NE1 has been predicted to be best newcomer of 2009.

Their debut song ‘Fire’ went up to #1 spots after just being released on 6th May on Cyworld and Bugs music charts. And their MVs got a million over views in just less than 1 day after their reveal. GomTV which was the first to reveal the MVs also spoke up, “Newsinger group 2NE1 gets more than 1 million views for their MVs in just less than a day. This is wonderful results beyond expectations.”

YG Entertainment also provided, “YG Homepage plus internet community Bestiz also got overwhelming responses for the MV receiving more than 2 million views. Such overwhelming response is beyond what we have imagined.”

Netizens’ responses to the new group is also positive, “It is good that we get to see a girlgroup that is different from what we normally get”.

A special making video for the MV will be released on the 11th, and the girls will have their debut stage on 17th May.

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BoA Signs On With CAA

BoA who is currently working on her debut in America has signed with ‘CAA’ (Creative Artists Agency).

‘CAA’ is the home to may top celebrities like: Brad Pitt, Will Smith, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, Steven Spielberg, etc. Now that she’s gotten into a big agency like ‘CAA’, they will probably be more than likely to hook up the pop star with bigger gigs. ‘CAA’ plans to handle practically EVERYTHING related to promotions- that includes albums, concerts, movies, endorsements and merchandising (character products).

Looks like ‘CAA’ will be investing a lot into the petite pop star in order to make her the next Asian ‘Hannah Montana’ or something. Well goodluck BoA!

Hopefully she will be able to accomplish more than eternal ESL student, Rain or debut preparer, Se7en was able to in the States. That way she can open the door for future Korean artists that want to break into the U.S.

Source: Popseoul
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The Gee Craze…*all artist Included*

So I decided to make a special post as One of my Last Posts!!!<3 on there that is.. i’ll be moving on to Hypnoticasia when it’s open!!

here are all the artists that have ever done GEE! SINGING or DANCING! Please Remind me if i have missed someone =).

SNSD(of course):

Younha(R&B) version:


IU(personally, I LOVE THIS ONE):

Young Saeng([ss501]DANCING):

Younha(again) & K will ft. Sweet Sorrow(must watch!):

Infinity Challenge parody:

Jaebum+Woo young+Taec Yeon(2pm):

Auhjumma Generation (LOL):

Super junior’s (heechul, Eunhyuk, Kangin&Sungmin):

Rocky (JUMPER):

Alex (Classiquai):

Nickkhun and Wooyoung(2pm):

Jaebeom Taecyeon Wooyoung’s(2pm)[On Idol Show this time]:

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk Sing Gee on the radio:

Super Junior sings Gee with SNSD when Gee got 1st:

leeteuk dances to Honey(JYP), Sorry Sorry(SJ)and (GEE):

*teaser*Taegoon’s 2nd single for his 2nd Mini Album. (As Insignificant As You)

Taegoon has given us a TEASER!!! OMG! so SMEXY!!<333 Totally hot!! he looks different!!! wahhhh Im excited now<3

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2NE1 proves to be a big hit – more than 500K views in just 2 hours after MV release


Group 2NE1 has proven to be a big hit. The MV to their debut song ‘Fire’ has been revealed on the 6th.

And in just 2 hours into the release of the MV, it has attracted more than 500,0oo views to GomTv site which was the first to reveal the MV.

A YG representative said, “The MV has attracted more than 500,000 views in just over 2 hours since its reveal on 6th May. We are in the state of bewilderment.”

2NE1 is YG’s new female group consisting of 4 member CL as the rapper leader, Sandara Park, Gong Min Ji and Park Bom. They also recently sang for the CM song for LG Lollipop phone with group Big Bang.

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SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara JiYeon to promote new project single


SeeYa (Lee BoRam, Kim Yeon Ji), Davichi (Kang Min Kyung, Lee HaeRi) and T-ara JiYeon will officially start promotion for their project single ‘Female Generation/Forever Love’.

The 2 songs have already been revealed on various music sites. Of the 2 songs, they will start performing the song ‘Female Generation’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 7th and then subsequently on the various music programmes for each broadcast stations.

What will be the highlights to their group activity will be member T-ara JiYeon on her first stage appearance.

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Solbi talks about entertainer ex-boyfriend


“When I sing the song ‘Will Be Punished‘, the image of a male star pops up in my mind.” Singer Solbi reveals that her recent song ‘Will Be Punished’ is the actual experience she had when she parted ways with a male entertainer 2 years back.

Solbi was on SBS YaShimManMan when she revealed that. Solbi has been very careful when it comes to talk on relationships. And she has been putting up a bright and cute image, but through the song and her confession, fans can see a different side of her.

Solbi also revealed, “That person knows that the song talks about us. But we have to careful with what we say.”

“1 year after debut as a singer, he is someone whom I still have feelings for. But it seems his feelings for me are different from me to him. There was a period of time when I saw his face on the TV, I have to change channel. I cried a lot and I thought I hated him a lot. When I was recording the song ‘Will Be Punished’, I teared too. What was a painful experience has now become a part of my song.”

Netizens’ responses, “Have to be KangIn“, “Why does she talk so much”, “No, before debut Eru-Solbi, after debut KangIn-Solbi“, “Why does she always bring up stories of ex-boyfriends? It’s time she moves on”

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JunJin to work with both Lee Shi Young and Son DamBi for comeback minialbum


Singer JunJin’s new minialbum ‘Fascination’ is set to be released on 7th May. He will also follow to have his comeback stage on MBS Music Core on 9th May.

With that, it is known that his make-believe wife on MBC We Got Married Lee Shi Young will be giving him support for the album. She will be doing a featuring for the song ‘Like A Fool’. And other than that, she will appear for JunJin’s new MV, acting alongside JunJin in it.

JunJin revealed on 6th May, “For the filming of the MV, Lee Shi Young had worked overnight for 3 nights. I am very thankful to that.”

Not only Lee Shi Young, singer Son DamBi will also be featured in the minialbum in the title song ‘Hey!Ya’.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that JunJin had hurt his ankle after hurting his wrist recently. And he had went for surgery for them. But even if his injuries, JunJin’s promotional activities for his minialbum will have to be carried given that he is on a tight schedule.

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