2008 MKMF! Highlights and Awards! (pix and vids included)

Hey everyone! I stayed until 6am to watch this! and i did! Except for a few lagging things, it was the best! WOOT! so worth the Wait and no sleep =)! here is the Really long post of EVERYthing that happened that night.. Please leave comments!(also talking about red carpet!)

Ima go by group or Singer, So it will be like DBSK and everything about them plus the Awards, then to the next one. If there was a special Stage, i will talk about Both and list both Awards there! here we go!

Dong Bang Shin Ki: They looked great on the red carpet and on the performance, i didn’t like micky’s short pants when they were sitting on the red carpet but WHATEVER!. Micky’s new hair looks good! =D They were so cute throughout the Awards show, Everytime the camera came to them, they always had a Smile on, or they were singing the song it was so cute! They had a Great performance! woot! It rocked! the members all did a Dance cut! cuteness! Micky did:”the way you are”, Yunho did:”Rising sun”, Junsu did: “O”, Hero did:”Purple Line”, And Max did a little line of “Hug” and the boys all joined him! They then Moved on to Singing “Wrong number!” It was awesome! WOOT! and of course they did “Mirotic”! The rock version! it was awesome! junsu Had like 2 jackets on, then he was all stripping til he was in his only a muscle Shirt! Lol I was all like DANG! hehe. it was HOT! I loved the performance!!!! Changmin Cried when they got Album of the year! And Micky was Comforting him! Lol THE TRADED! SO CUTE!

DBSK Awards are:(they won the most! 5 awards woot!):

  1. Auction style award
  2. Overseas Award
  3. Auction Netizen Award
  4. Mobile Popularity



Big Bang and Lee Hyori: The Performance Rocked! They had a Special Stage, it was kool. Hyori and Taeyang Performed “Only look at me” then Hyori and G-dragon performed “Only Look at me pt. 2. Top then came out with the rap of LIES (My fav part of the Song Woot!) Then he looked around in the crowd and He kissed Hyori! haha he teased his Fans, GOOD JOB T.O.P! After that top, taeyang, G-dragon and Hyori sang sorry but i love you.Then it was Seung Ri’s turn, he got to dance and did an AWESOME version of “U-Go-Girl” with her also! it was kool! Then My Daesungie came out and sang, Of course, “Look at me, HYORI” lol it was cute! i was like Singing Gwisoon, and all of a sudden he was like HYORI! and i was like WHOA! lol. it was kool! hehe. =) then they all came in together and Sang hyroi’s song, In a rap Version, 10 Minutes! haha. It was SO CUTE at the end, Daesung Picked her up and Twirled her! haha, ADORABLE! Daesung was Teary and TOP got Teary during the Speech he was giving!

(the video isn’t complete, go find the rest, there are to many parts on Youtube! sorry!)

Big Bang Awards are:

  1. Digital song award
  2. Best Male group Award
  3. Artist of the Year!


Lee Hyori Awards are:

  1. Best Dance
  2. Best Female Singer


Wonder Girls and 2PM: They Performed a Nobody Remix! various different Sorts of Dances and Mixes to the song. Wonder Girls Performed this with 2PM. It was great! WOOT! I liked how they did the Tango! And they Dressed Pretty! And jaeBeum Looked awesome with the 2PM on the side of his Head in Diamonds It was HOT! 2pm also Performed Separately with the rest of the newcomers, they sang Super juniors “U” woot! Wonder girls cried when they recieved Song of the Year =D.

Wonder Girls Awards are:

  1. Best Female Group
  2. MV Production:Jang Jae Hyuk (Nobody mv)
  3. MV Director-Jang Jae Hyuk (Nobody and 2pm’s 10/10)
  4. Song Of the Year!wonder-girls

2pm didn’t really win an award but the MV Director.

Shinee: They were Part of the Newcomers! woot! they rocked! they sang Of course, DONG BANG SHIN KI’S Rising Sun! I was so Proud of them! The DBSK boys looked at them and were so Proud! doing the moves with the kids! SO CUTE!!!!! good moment.

Shinee Award are:

  1. Best male Newcomers award!



U-kiss: Performed ss501’s “Warning”

2AM: performed GOD’s “Lies”

Mighty Mouth: Performed Shinhwa’s “Brand New”

Mun Hee Jun: performed himself then he sang with Jong Hyun (Shinee), Jaebeum(2PM), Jo Kwon(2AM), and Eli(u-kiss). SO HAPPY! My Favorites of the Groups except for Eli! but i still love him! but i like Su Hyun! it’s all good tho! lol SO KOOL! they sang “FIGHTING SPIRIT” by HOT. H.O.T got an award of some sort! not sure sorry!

Rain: I think he was MC (Correct me if i’m Wrong). He Did a Big Mixture of his Songs, it’s Raining, Don’s stop, Only You, rain My Way, Rainism and i think thats it!

Epik High: performed with Kim Changhwan.

Jewelry and Brown Eyed Girls: they performed a rock version of their song, and i dont really know the other girl. She didn’t sound good so OH WELL lol.

Jewelry awards are:

  1. Best House/Electronicajewelry

Davichi: Best Female Newcomer Award!

Brown Eyes: Best balled/R&B

Kim Jong Wook& SG WANNABE/ Shin Seung Hun: KJW was the only one who Attended and received the award for them all. SG wannabe was somewhere else so they were connected by video, they sang their song ” La La La” then Shin Seung Hun who was at MKMF sang after SG wannabe Started the song, Shin seung Hun finished the song! it was So kool! Yunho was so happy =D

KJW&SG wannabe Award was:

  1. Best OST (East of Eden)

Shin Seung Hun award was:

  1. 10th Anniversary special award (When he Received this, everyone went on stage and Yunho was the first one up and had the honor of Giving him the award. he was also the only one to give him a Big Huge hug =D!)

Seo Tai Ji: Best male Singer!

Nell: Best rock

2AM: Performed G.O.D and a mix of other stuff on the RED Carpet.

VOS/Brown eyed girls/Joo: Hyun Jun(vos), Ga In(BEG), and Joo Sang a Special Birthday song to MKMF on the red carpet =D

Dynamic Duo was also there but no award, and u kiss didnt Recieve an award, 2am didnt recieve an award, and Mighty Mouth didn’t recieve an award. Oh and 2pm didn’t really but yeah.

At the beginning, Lee min ki and 302 performed together!

I was really sad to hear SJH was not there but it’s okay! it was still a great Awards show!!!!!!

Leave comments PLZ! =D

CREDIT: to all the YOUTUBE users i used!