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2NE1 will be 2009 best newcomer? New MVs gets a million views in less than a day

2ne1_050509_2Newcomer 2NE1 has been predicted to be best newcomer of 2009.

Their debut song ‘Fire’ went up to #1 spots after just being released on 6th May on Cyworld and Bugs music charts. And their MVs got a million over views in just less than 1 day after their reveal. GomTV which was the first to reveal the MVs also spoke up, “Newsinger group 2NE1 gets more than 1 million views for their MVs in just less than a day. This is wonderful results beyond expectations.”

YG Entertainment also provided, “YG Homepage plus internet community Bestiz also got overwhelming responses for the MV receiving more than 2 million views. Such overwhelming response is beyond what we have imagined.”

Netizens’ responses to the new group is also positive, “It is good that we get to see a girlgroup that is different from what we normally get”.

A special making video for the MV will be released on the 11th, and the girls will have their debut stage on 17th May.

Credit:K bites

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2NE1 proves to be a big hit – more than 500K views in just 2 hours after MV release


Group 2NE1 has proven to be a big hit. The MV to their debut song ‘Fire’ has been revealed on the 6th.

And in just 2 hours into the release of the MV, it has attracted more than 500,0oo views to GomTv site which was the first to reveal the MV.

A YG representative said, “The MV has attracted more than 500,000 views in just over 2 hours since its reveal on 6th May. We are in the state of bewilderment.”

2NE1 is YG’s new female group consisting of 4 member CL as the rapper leader, Sandara Park, Gong Min Ji and Park Bom. They also recently sang for the CM song for LG Lollipop phone with group Big Bang.

credit:k bites

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2NE1: 15,000 Fans Confirmed Within 5 Days of ‘Fire’ Release

Fans’ interest in new girl group 2NE1 is out of the ordinary

YG Entertainment’s new 4-person girl group, which is composed of CL, Sandara Park, Gong MinJi, and Park Bom, released 10 seconds of their official debut song ‘Fire’ every day from May 2-5 after 20 seconds being released on the first through their official homepage. Currently, on the 5th, 70 seconds is out to the general public.

2NE1, who gained popularity through ‘Lollipop’ which they sang together with Big Bang, and who has become fairly famous between pop music fans, was so-called the “female Big Bang” from before debut. 2NE1 is raising their value with their release of ‘Fire’. From the 1st to the 5th of May, in a mere 5 days, 15,000 fans have subscribed to their official fan café.

In the afternoon of the 5th, YG Entertainment revealed that “2NE1’s official café was made in March, but it was on the 1st, when we released the first segment of ‘Fire’, that we started getting down to opening the fan café to the public. From the 1st to the 5th, approximately 15,000 people subscribed to the café. This is evidence that pop music fans are showing a high level of interest for 2NE1.”

2NE1’s ‘Fire’, which was composed by YG Entertainment’s main producer, 1tym’s Teddy, is a hip-hop song with an inclination towards reggae. On the 6th, the full song and two different versions of the music video will be released simultaneously.

Source: Star News
Translations: BBJet @ YGworld

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Lollipop TROT version!

LOL! that is so funny! i totally Love it LOL

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2NE1 to debut on 6th May with title song ‘FIRE’


YG released a message on 3oth April, and in his message he revealed many details to YG’s upcoming group 2NE1’s debut.

2NE1 will debut on 6th May, releasing their debut single with title song ‘FIRE’. They will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May. 1TYM Teddy is said to be the overall producer for the song ‘FIRE’, the MV and also the fashion style for the group’s debut.

Dance choreography is done by Sean and Amy, while the MV is directed by Seo Hyun Seung. The song ‘FIRE’ is described as a ‘fast hip hop number with a reggae form’.

While all these are confirmed, YG suggested 3 ideas they may take for 2NE1’s debut publicity…

YG’s message:

  • 2NE1 official debut date

YG’s new female group 2NE1 was first introduced via a CM song ‘Lollipop’ with Big Bang about a month back.

The group will be releasing their debut single on 6th May with the title song ‘FIRE’.

‘FIRE’ is a song produced by YG’s main producer 1TYM Teddy, who also did TaeYang’s ‘Look Only At Me’ and Um Jung Hwa’s ‘DISCO’. Teddy is not only the composer and lyricist to the song ‘FIRE’, he also the overall producer for 2NE1 in terms of fashion style and MV.

‘FIRE’ is a song accompanied by percussion instruments rhythm with the African and Indian feel, and hiphop sync.

In other words, it can be introduced as “fast hip hop song with reggae form”.

The choreography to ‘FIRE’ is done by Amy and Sean who also did TaeYang’s ‘Look Only At Me’ and the MV director will be Seo Hyun Seung. We hope to achieve good results with this as we have the best staff for each field to the group’s debut.

We went through some brainstorming for the publicity strategy for 2NE1’s debut. And we shall reveal some of our ideas now.

  1. First idea, the song ‘FIRE’ will be released on 2NE1’s official homepage from 1st May. Just the 20 secs version will be release. With that, everyday we will release a version adding 10 secs longer to it. A day before the actual release, on 5th May, we will reveal 1min long version. And on 6th May itself, the MV and the full song will be revealed on online music sites.
  2. Second idea, ‘Fire’ full song to be revealed together with 2 versions of the MV. They will be 2 versions MV filmed in the same set but with no-duplicated scenes in them. By doing so, we hope it is not like trying to seek out to the whole world with 2 MV release. In anyway, it will be a fun experience.
  3. Third idea, regarding a different strategy for their promotional activities on broadcast programmes. 2NE1 will have their debut stage on 17th May on SBS Inkigayo.

In the preparation for 4 years, we announed that 2NE1’s album will include 10 songs initially. But looking at that point of view that 2NE1 is still a newcomer, we have decided to release a single first with ‘FIRE’, which will express 2NE1’s image well, as the title song first. In around July and October, we have plans for release of a minialbum and a full-length album, and the group will be active all the way till the way of the year.

Since SWI.T in 2002, this is a new female group under YG after so long, and to tell the truth, I’m a little nervous about it. With different concept and capabilities, we hope that fans will give much support and concern for 2NE1.

Translation: sookyeong


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‘Lollipop’ is Up #1 on Music Charts for the 4th Consecutive Week

The CM song ‘Lollipop’ sung by Big Bang and 2NE1 is up #1 on Mnet chart for the 4th consecutive week.

The song topped the chart again for the 4th week of April on 28th April.

Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ which was up at #2 for 5 weeks is down at #3 with Davichi’s ‘My Man’ taking over the #2 spot.

New group T-Ara’s song ‘Good Person’ is also up at #34. Lee Soo Young and Park Ji Yoon’s comeback songs ‘Will Erase’ and ‘In my fading memories’ are up at #52 and #54 respectively.

Credits: Sookyeong

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Big Bang and 2NE1’s CM Song ‘Lollipop’ up #1 on Charts for the 3rd Consecutive Week

Without official broadcast and performance on music programmes, Big Bang and 2NE1’s collaboration CM song ‘Lollipop’ is up #1 on music charts for the 3rd consecutive week.

For the 4th week of April, ‘Lollipop’ is #1 on Mnet chart for the 3rd consecutive week. The song is up against other singers like Super Junior, Son DamBi and other junior singers. Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ is up at #3 for the first week, but for the next 5 weeks, it stayed at #2 position. Son DamBi’s #3 for the last week. And KWill’s ‘Tears are falling’ stays at #4 position.

For After School’s comeback song ‘Diva’, it rose up 43 positions to #6 in just 2 weeks. But for the download section, ‘Lollipop’ still stayed at #1 position.

Also, Boys Over Flowers cast Lee Min Ho’s CM song ‘Extreme’ went up 40 positions to #13 in just 2 weeks.

Credits: Sookyeong

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YG, “We Are More Worried About 2NE1’s Debut Than When Big Bang Did”

YG speaks up the upcoming debut of their female group 2NE1 this May.

YG Entertainment said in an interview on the 22nd, “We have not decided on how to have 2NE1 debut. The company is going through discussions on that currently. Mr. Yang Hyun Seok is putting a lot of emphasis and planning for 2NE1’s debut.”

“Because this is the female group that YG is debuting for a long time ever since the last female group, we can only be more prudent and careful with the planning. As compared to debuting Big Bang, we are more worried and had put in much more effort for debuting 2NE1.”

The representative added, “Right now, they are also filming their MV. It will be a surprise and shock for everyone when it is revealed. We believe all this will bring us good results.”

Meanwhile, the CM song ‘Lollipop’ featuring the collaboration of Big Bang and 2NE1 continues to excel on various music charts.

Credits: Sookyeong

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