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Hey Hey everyone!
It’s Marina again!

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Big Bang’s magnae Seung Ri Post!

Seung Ri/Victory!wlztqe1

He can be totally cute, but also really serious!


Wahhhh!! Is he adorable with other? For sure!

G-DragonĀ  [G-RI]


Taeyang e0081469_47e44a79beb0c



Mini SeungRi!


He has ABS!200901020932181135_11

His smile makes People Happy!


WAhhh I love this Picture!!!


It’s the Famous hand Picture!<3


Very Sexy!!<3




People who love Seung Ri

Marina, Diana, Monica, Alta, Angela!

Credits: Dianabananna of Aethi, imbc.com, http://www.ygbigbang.jp, pingbook,

vicky of the BIG BANG FAN CLUB! (wordpress), Marineyismarina(wordpress)

Credit anyone if u take these pictures and use! I dont mind if u use them, i just dont want u to TAKE without crediting!!


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