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Also Seohyun and Hyo yeon are from SNSD lol.



KBS Gayo awards![Pix, Links & About it Included]

KBS Gayo Award!

Since no one has put anything up, i’ll put it up! =D

Won’t be as good as SBS. but it was actually!

KBS Gayo Part 1… 1/8

KBS Gayo Part 2… 1/8 Part 7 is missing, I think it is Rain’s rainism.. But yeah.. Overall GOOD!


MC’s: i have no clue who they are, if you know, tell me!

Opening: Started off with Rain(where he seemed kind of like.. annoying.. I dunno. he even made his main dancer lose her balance, looked like he Didnt care.. DUNNO)!, but then later went on to Everyone who attended the Gayo was doing A Broadway thing!

Big Bang: Had an Orchestra for HARU HARU (Anyone remember an another orchestra for the golden Disk Awards 2007. I do.. for Lies.. ) The Boys looked GOOODDD!! gosh! Daesung Kills me Everytime! hehe. ❤ and GD’s hair.. wow… Cute! haha. They also performed with Lee  Moon Sae… like everyone else.. (This man is the Original for “SUNSET GLOW”) It was so cute!! He Hugged GD! wahhh!!!! Cutest Moment!<3  Daesung did the mini musical!!!<3!

Kim Gun Mo: This man performed (PLAYED PIANO and SANG) with Brown Eyed Girls. they sang 3 song’s I really can’t remember all of them, but the first was “hit the Rode jack” by RAY! the 3 songs were in English.. I didnt like the last one. Kinda weird!. he then performed his song KISS, then sang with Lee moon sae.

Brown Eyed Girls: they performed My Style! it was remixed. it was kool. they wore the Dresses with the stars. but it was purple pinkish. umm.. And then with kim gun mo. (I think that was it.)

The Special stage with Lee Moon Sae was: Kim Gun Mo,  Kim Jong Kook&Beak Ji Young, SG Wannabe, Lee Moonsae performed himself a short Song, then it was Park Jung Ah &Wonder Girls, and Of course the stars:BIG BANG!(This is a MUST WATCH stage)

They didn’t dress this way! it’s rehersal pix, because i can’t find the Performance ones yet.


Mini Musical: There was a TROT musical.. but It wasnt that interesting, because i didnt understand it much.. Lol. But the Younger One, (THE GOOD ONE)started with Wonder girls, ye Eun and Sun ye singing Honey Honey, then Daesung, Kim Jong Kook, SG wannabe’s Kim Young Jun(leader), Beak Ji Young, Park Jung Ah, and Jang Yunjeong did Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, then ye eun and sun ye came out and they sang Water Loo!

It was really good!!!<3


This isnt how they were Fully Dressed. but close enough.. (THIS IS THE SAME STAGE but the REHERSAL)

Kim Jong Kook: he sang like always his songs!

SG wannabe:They sang LALALA, it was a good performance like always!<3 And the middle guy looked like he was wearing a Skirt but it was his Jacket haha.

Jewelry: They sang one more time again.. but they DRESSED alot Better. then Seo in young and baby J sang a song together.

Son dam bi: she did her song “Crazy” then she did a Dance battle with 3 other girls.. I dont really know them, but i think 2 were the Rappers from SBS gayo!.

Wonder Girls: they did nobody! it was different than last time.. i think better. they also did Destiny Childs ,Survivor.

Beak Ji young: she sang her song!


Ummm.. I hope im not missing anyone else.. That was the main highlights. I’ll edit if there are Anyone i am missing! I know there were SOOO many TROT stages, but alot didnt interest me much. so i didnt talk about it. They were okay! rain also performed rainism, but i didnt Talk about it.

i’ll soon talk about MBC ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, THEN KBS ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, AND THE MBC GAYO! Check back I’ll eventually put them up!

PLEASE COMMENT AND CREDIT!!!! it Is alot of  hard work!!!(THANKIE!) i’ll be Doing MBC tomorrow when it’s up!<3