Changmin’s UFO Replies (24 March to 2 May)

Fan : Tour is about the start :) Our members…must finish it healthy as ever! Hwaiting! (>_<)
ChangMin : Thank you^^ Now go to sleep

Fan : Oppa!! Keke do you still remember this hat~~??
ChangMin : Ah! This hat!
*fan’s avatar is ChangMin wearing a pink hat

(all 3 replies below are from the same person)
Fan : Don’t you wanna marry me oppa? Keke Then sign the marriage certificate!
ChangMin: I want to do neither. hahaha

Fan: Introduce this person to me oppa keke
ChangMin: Go find him yourself.
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan: Oppa behind you!
ChangMin : What

Fan : This is oppa when oppa was still young kekeke
ChangMin : I still am haha
*fan’s avatar is Min during HiYaYa days

Fan : This is my man. Isn’t he cute?^^ He’s so cute when he smiles
ChangMin : Really?^^;
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan : Oppa! What does “MAX” mean?
ChangMin : What do you think it means?

Translations: choco@TVXQFever

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Lee Hyun, Kim Jin Ho, ChangMin and KWill to transform as male version of Big Mama

lh_kjh_kwill_cm_3004098eight Lee Hyun, SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho, 2AM Lee Chang Min and KWill will transform as the male version of Big Mama.

The 4 will come together to perform group Big Mama’s debut song ‘Break Away’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 30th April for a special stage.

The 4 are known to be vocally strong and the special stage is definitely one to look forward to.

Credit:K bites

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DBSK in Steady Magazine (April Issue)

credit: fashion follows Yoochun

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Happy Birthday Alia!!!!!!<33333 Big 18!!<3

Happy Birthday Alia!!!

WAHHH!!!! Your 18<3 my age now! woot woot!

Your such an awesome person! your fun to talk to, and when i need someone, ur there to talk!
thank you!!!=D I wish Your birthday becomes one of ur best! i know my 18th b-day was good cuz i was with friends! go out and have fun!!! Be safe and Happy<3

MUCH LOVE <333333 Mari!

Changmin LOVESSS YOU!!!!


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Forums To Join!!![The new thing!]

FORUMS That Everyone Loves to Join for free!

be a fan!<3

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Admin’s:Marina&Jenny =D we welcome EVERYONE from Around the world!<3 BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS IS THE BEST DRAMA! come Join and talk aboout it with us!

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Admins: Dana&Kiki! They welcome everyone from North america, canada& mexico!!!

Be one of the first people to Join 24/7’s Fanclub! do you Like Trax? Well, ROSE(MIN WOO) was there drummer a while back! They Have Fabulous Voices!!! news and videos can be found here![I am co-Admin here] Click here to Join 24/7 Forum!

Admins:Roge, Marina&Jenny! =D we Welcome EVERYONE and anyone who loves 24/7 or Just want to get to know them =D!

CREDIT: Marina+Admin’s Named up there!<3

Finally can see Changmin solo!

Upon This Rock, By Sandi Patty

“This is a Christian song, with the meaning taken from the book of Matthew.”

GO CHANGMIN! You rock<3

Credit: Youtube Uploader

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Happy Birthday Magnae Changmin!

DBSK’s Magnae Shim Changmin!


Changmin’s Wallpaper: Click to get Changmin Wallpaper













Unni D:




Changmin is a great person.Like me, he LOVES food and LOVES to eat.

Like me, he gets picked on by his hyungs (in my case, it’s ANYONE older than me).

Like me, he ALWAYS picks on others and gets them back when we’re picked on.

I LOVE his high vocals and his voice!

He’s the BEST singer EVER!!!

He cares for his hyungs a lot

He’s a kind person with a great and funny personality

Like his hyungs, he’s so dorky and funny

I hope that he has a great birthday and a great year.

I pray for the safety of him and his hyungs as they travel and as they do all the things they do in South Korea and Japan.


People who love Changmin:

Marina, Diana, Monica, Mel, Alta, Alexiss, Jenny,Unni D,

Josh, Roge, Dawn, Charm, Alia, Monique,

Elena, Violeta, Elaine, Jenna, Dana,

Mas, Kelly, Piper,  Angela, Tiffany,Tara



Credit: As tagged, also if not tagged, then as it says Above Photos and Designs! Do not take out without Permission!!!

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Changmin UFO replies!

Fan: Actually, I’m not human, I’m an alien. You didn’t know that right?
CM: Don’t spread that secret around anymore before I donate you to NASA…

Fan: Congratulations on topping the Oricon chart~ I knew this day would come~ Don’t forget we’re always behind you guys
CM: We never forgot^^ continue to work hard GOGOGO~~

Fan: I watched SAW 1, 2 and 3 continously. Thought I was going to go crazy T_T
CM: How great….. ^^;

Fan: I’m memorizing English words T_T Its so difficult T_T Is there any way to remember it faster~???
CM: You just have to memorize it…

Fan: Our school’s summer uniform is pretty right~? I’m going to find you now wearing this, you must recognize me!
CM: Immediately… That wouldn’t be bad… But don’t forget to do what you’re supposed to.

Fan: My name is Park U-Know Yunho Youngwoong Jaejoong Micky Yoochun Xiah Junsu Choikang Changmin CASSIOPEIA~ My name’s really nice right?
CM: It’s not a very nice name from an objective point of view…^^;;

Fan: Sleep-eat-study-sleep-eat-study T_T I’m sick of a life like this
CM: Bear with it for a while more~ actually… those are the best times…

Fan: It’s my husband! How is he? Will agree to this marriage right~Sing me a song of blessing on my wedding ceremony~hehe
CM: This marriage… annulled…

Fan: schick Chang, please reply, OVER.
CM: ;;;;;;;;;; schick Chang’s my nickname now…;;

Fan: Just a gentle touch~~Just like you’re going to fall apart~~are you there?
CM: Aiyo… you’re here~? ^^

Fan: Changmin-ah!! Dont’ fall sick and eat well!! Must eat well at every meal~ T_T
CM: Its time to eat…… en… I’m really hungry now… ;;

Fan: Changmin-ah~ I will help you fill up the 5000 songs on your iPod, which makes up 80% of your life. Will you marry me? ^^
CM: I will fill it up myself~ kekeke

Fan: My friend is a Cassiopeian too, and she says her boyfriend is jealous of oppas. Heehee jealous ah…
CM: ^^ Help me tell that guy to work hard ^^ and date well in the future as well ^^

Fan: Changmin-ah, I need your reply more than striking the lottery… we need to have a conversation~
CM: Think properly… Top prize for lottery… is much more than you think… think again;

Fan: Oppa, reply if you’re still alive. Heehee if you don’t reply, I’m really going to marry you!! I’m a really good cook, and I can look after kids too.
CM: Don’t have to get married because I replied!!!! It’s like that right!!!! Keke

Fan: One single reply from you will let my grades soar…
CM: Try soaring~!!

Source: starnew@baidu
Korean to Chinese Translations: 桃小西@baidu
Chinese to English Translations:

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DBSK youngest and cutest YUNHO fan! lol

WAHHH SO CUTE! “Do u like DBSK, No i like yunho, only YUNHO”


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DBSK UFO replies

Credits: UFOTOWN
Translation: tvxqslave @soompi ( jaelunnie )
Shared: fangirlmitz

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