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2PM Jaebum Wrote Rap Lyrics in Navi’s Song

Navi will have support from 2PM’s JaeBum.

On May 2nd at MBC Music Core and May 3rd at SBS Inkigayo, Navi will perform her new song ‘My Heart Is Damaged’. This song contains a rap part which was sung by Crown J. Crown J did make an appearance on music program and leave a great stage performance.

In this stage, 2PM’s Jaebum is going to sing the rap part with his own written lyrics, and it will be interesting enough to be compared to the original lyrics.

Navi’s song ‘My Heart Is Damaged’ is receiving so much love through online.

Credits: Asia Economy

JAE BABY!!!!! You NEVER FAIL TO AMAZE ME!<3333 Wahh I totally can’t wait, JAE I LOVE YOUUUU!!!

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Navi for collaboration with Crown J for comeback new song


New singer will get the support of hip hop singer Crown J for her comeback song after 1 year.

She first released her single ‘I Love You’ last April which features her collaboration with Tablo. And the song had won her the title of ‘Korea’s Alicia Keys’ for her strong vocals, and she even won the new singer of the month last June. And now she is back with a new song ‘Because it hurts my heart’.

The song will be revealed online on 7th April.


AHHHHH Crown J!!<33 i missed you!

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List of Comebacks/MVs/Shows/Debuts(In the last few Months)

So I felt like making a list off all the Comebacks, and Shows and things I’ve been watching lately! So  here it is! =) And my Opinions are Attached!


  • DBSK: Love in the Ice/Hey(don’t bring me down)/Mirotic(GREAT)
  • H-Eugene: Baby, I love you Ft. Kim Jae Hae ( Really Ye Eun from WG)(GREAT)
  • Son Ho Young: I Know(GREAT)
  • Rain: Rainism/Love Story(OKAY)
  • Wonder Girls: Intro/Nobody(GOOD)
  • Solbi: Do it Do it Ft. Maniac(Okay, Sexy Dancer saved her =D)
  • Son Dan Bi: Crazy Ft. Eric [Eric is not there](Good)
  • YMGA: Tell it to My Heart Ft. Uhm Jong Hwa(Great)
  • Epik High: Fallin/1 min 1 sec(Really good)
  • FT Island: Saranghae/After Love(Great)
  • Crown J: Fly Boy(BLAH)
  • Minwoo: IMU/Don’t trust Men(Great/Cute)
  • V.O.S: Half(Normal/Good/I Like the song!)
  • Brown Eyed Girls:How(good)


  • Nassun: It’s Alright(Catchy)
  • Lee Hyun Ji: Kiss me Kiss me(i like it)

3.Music Videos!

  • DBSK:Mirotic(SEXY! I love it)
  • H-eugene: Baby I love you(Really good and Catchy Song again!)
  • Son Ho Young:I know(MV not so good, song hella good!)
  • Rain:Love story(Song is good, Rain is EH, MV BLAH)
  • Wonder Girls: Nobody(It was an okay MV)
  • Solbi: Do it Do it(I didn’t like the MV, Song is Catchy, DANCER=HOTTTT)
  • Son dam bi: Crazy(MV again it was okay)
  • YMGA:Tell it to my heart(MV was really good)
  • Epik High: 1 min, 1 sec(I Liked it)
  • FT. Island:Saranghae & Heaven Part 1&2(must watch, its Really good)
  • Crown J:Fly Boy(Catchy song I guess, MV was a don’t care)
  • Minwoo:Don’t Trust Men(Good overall)
  • Jun Jin: Words of Love(love it, Song, MV, Everything featured Lee Hyun JI)
  • Boa: Eat You Up(In america, But good)
  • Lee Hyun Ji: Kiss me kiss me( It’s good Featured Jun Jin)
  • Brown Eyed Girls: How(Good song!)


  • We got married: Guest Stared Eunhyuk and Leetuek and Also Son Ho Young(must watch)
  • YDH Love Letter: Guest Stared DBSK(Must Watch)
  • KJE Chocolate: Guest stared: DBSK, SJ-H, baby Ye Eun(if you love dbsk must watch)
  • Champagne: Guest stared DBSK(SO FUNNY! Gotta Watch!)
  • M-Net My Favorite: Guest Started DBSK with V.O.S Being Co-Hosts.(Just finished it, good)
  • MC Mong radio, Kiss the Radio, Shim Shim Tapa radio, Tablo’s Radio, Power Radio, Chin Chan Radio ETC Guest stared DBSK (GOOD PARTS)
  • Family Outing: Guest Stared U-know Yunho and Xiah Junsu(good 1st part Great 2nd part!)
  • Brain Battle: Guest stared FT. Island(Cuteee MUCH!)
  • Come to Play: Guest Stared: Big Bang(GOOD GOOD!)
  • KJE Chocolate: Guest Stared: Shin Hyesung(SHINHWA) and Tae Yeon(SNSD)(It was okay!)