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Xiah JunSu looking alright, fans heave a sigh of relief


Fans heave a sigh of relief to see the smile on Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu’s face, after having hurt his ankle during their concert rehearsal.

Photos of Xiah posing happily with the other Dong Bang Shin Ki members posted on Avex’s president’s blog has assured fans that he is doing ok after the accident.

It has been assured from SM Entertainment’s side that Xiah’s injuries are not too serious. And with the help of staff, he was able to go onto the stage to perform, but he will not join the rest of the members to dance. For the subsequent concert performances for their concert tour, they will continue to monitor his condition.

k Bites

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Yoochun+JaeJoong Booklet Scans

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THSK’s ‘Share The World/We Are’ Single Surpasses 100,000 Sales in 2 Weeks

The cruise of Tohoshinki’s popularity is unstoppable in Japan.

Launched on the 22nd last month, Tohoshinki’s 27th single “Share The World/We Are” finally surpassed 100,000 copies sold after two weeks.

The first 6 days in ORICON Style, Tohoshinki’s single recorded 98,033 number of copies sold, continued to an addition of 15,575 copies sold the next week, resulted in total sales 113,608 copies in whole two weeks.

Tohoshinki sucessfully placed their new single to be the winner of ORICON Daily and Weekly chart while their 4th album sales has been a blast as well. Having 6 singles as ORICON Weekly top chart, Tohoshinki broke record as foreign artist who has most ORICON weekly #1 in Japan.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki is now running their 4th live tour – The Secret Code 2009 with their first stage was in Kobe World Memorial Hall Japan on May 4th, despites the sprained ankle injury happened to one of the member, Xiah Junsu.

Source: SPN News
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

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Dong Bang Shin Ki JaeJoong is ‘Japan’s Best Prince’

herojj_050509Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong has been chosen as ‘Japan’s Best Prince’.

A ranking chart ‘Which entertainer comes to mind when you think of the word Prince?’ was conducted on Japan’s music site Barks. Hero JaeJoong was chosen over other Japanese enteratainer to win the #1 spot with over 30% of the votes.

2nd goes to W-inds member Dachiba (24), 3rd Kinki Kids’ Domoto Goichi and 4th goes to X-Japan’s Yoshiki. Korean talent Kim Jung Hoon (29) was also on the chart at #11.

Fans wrote down messages to their ‘Prince JaeJoong‘, “Even if you bring me with you to Korea, I’m fine with that”, “You are the goddess of Dong Bang Shin Ki” etc.

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki is currently having their 4th Japan concert tour.

Credit: K bites

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DBSK at Tour Concert!! *junsu get better!!!*

credit:as tagged

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Avex CEO Matsuura Blog Update (5 May)

The first day of TVXQ!

Mobilizing 25,000 audiences in “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code ~”
at Kobe World Memorial Hall had started!

However, the day before the concert–at rehearsal time,
one of the members Junsu injured his leg and it’s hard for him to even walk.

This condition was explained by the staff at the beginning of the concert.

Due to this accident, they had to change quickly the form of dance without Junsu participated in it.
Junsu said in strong hope, “I still want to do the live concert!”

So by telling everyone before the opening of the concert,
finally the first day of the tour was conducted safely.
There was warm cheer from all audiences, thank you very much.

Junsu together with all members were very pleased with all the cheers.
After the concert, everyone was tired, but this is picture of the members in dressing room:

It’s already expected reviews of today’s concert content along with Junsu’s condition status.
Please watch the rehearsal!

Source: CEO Matsura’s blog
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

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Junsu in The Secret Code Booklet Scans

Credit:As tagged

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