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Tablo and Kang HyeJung, “We Are 4th Dimensional Couple”

A photo of couple Epik High Tablo and Kang Hye Jung revealed online had become the topic amongst netizens. The photo was uploaded on Epik High’s official website – and in the photo, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung had funny dressups.

Kang Hye Jung had heart-shaped glasses on and Tablo had comedian glasses on. And Tablo also attached a phrase with the photo, “Isn’t this cool? Heart Kang and Detective Ta”.

Credits: Sookyeong

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Epik High’s world tour concert performance in Tokyo ended with a blast


Hiphop group Epik High finished their first overseas concert performance for their world tour with a great success.

They were in Japan Gobe on 26th and Tokyo on 28th April for their ‘Epik High Map The Soul World Tour 2009′ seeing about 3000 fans present at the concert performance. They performed several of their hit songs like ‘Map The Soul’, ‘Fly’ and ‘One’.

Their company Map The Soul said, “The responses to the world tour is very good, the tickets to the concert performance in Seattle America is almost soldout.” Epik High will return to Korea on the 29th, and then have their Seoul concert performance on 2nd May. AFter which, they will have more concert performances in America – 15th May in San Franciso, 16th LA, 23rd Seattle.


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Epik High Gets Serious About Music

Epik High talks to The Korea Times about starting their new company, their music and their upcoming concert tour in the United States, Japan and Korea, as well as their enduring friendship.

“Expect the unexpected.” That’s what Tablo, frontman of popular hip-hop group Epik High, says
fans can expect from their upcoming concert tour in the United States, Japan and Korea.

But he might as well have been talking about Epik High’s career. The trio, composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, burst onto the Korean music scene six years ago, armed with catchy hip-hop tunes with socially relevant lyrics and a positive message.

After five studio albums and numerous hit songs and awards under their belt, Epik High members surprised everyone with their decision to break from a major record label and go independent.

The band met with The Korea Times last week at a studio in Hongdae, where members were in the middle of rehearsals for their upcoming concert tour and candidly talked about the ups and downs of starting their own company.

“When our contract ended, we had a lot of offers. The hardest thing about this project was deciding that money is not important and what was more important for us was music,” Tablo said.

Epik High recently launched its own bilingual Web site (www.mapthesoul.com) where fans can watch their videos and live performances, read members’ blogs and buy their albums and merchandise from an online shop. In fact, the band’s latest album, “Hon: Map the Soul,” can’t be bought in any conventional or online stores in Korea at all. The decision to deviate from established distribution services stemmed from Epik High’s desire to make its music more affordable to fans.

While some called Epik High’s new venture “groundbreaking,” the group didn’t exactly plan on redefining the music industry’s business model. They just simply wanted to “do things that are fun.”

“We realized at some point… the entire money making machine, if we’re part of that, its not going to be fun. … Most of the stuff we do right now, it doesn’t make money. We’re spending money to do things like managing the site, creating it, doing online shows. But if it helps us to feel satisfied to the point that we make better music then it is worth it. It’s a lot more work than before, honestly. We barely get any sleep, but it’s good stress,” Tablo said.

Their album “Hon: Map The Soul” is all about making music the Epik High way, even if it won’t do well commercially

“We know that and we don’t care. Just because it is not a hit, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a musical success. We prefer the latter,” Mithra said.

However, their lyrics have gotten them in trouble with censors, leading to some songs being banned from the airwaves.

“We’re talking about the value of believing in yourself and the song gets banned. When that happens, its like what are we supposed to talk about? … Our stand is: if you want to ban us, ban us. We don’t care. The people who support us and listen to us will still like us anyway,” Tablo said.

More Foreign Fans

Since the album is only sold through the band’s Web site, sales in Korea have been lower than in previous ventures, but sales to overseas fans have increased ten-fold. The songs are also available for downloading on iTunes online shops worldwide.

“We found out we had more foreign fans that we realized. There are fans in Europe, like Norway, and around Asia. Many of the fans don’t understand Korean, but they love our music,” Tukutz said.

This only served to push Epik High to work harder. Whenever members post videos or write blog entries in Korean, they make efforts to include English translations.

Epik High will be holding concerts in Kobe and Tokyo this week, and San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles next month. They hope to hold concerts in other countries in the future.

Mithra says Epik High wants fans to have a “chill time” at their concerts, featuring mostly Korean songs because the band wants to show the beauty of the Korean language to an international crowd.

Throughout the interview, the Epik High members ― who consider themselves dorks ― proved to be as funny as they seem on the videos they posted on YouTube.

While talking about the members’ responsibilities in the new company, it was revealed that Tukutz was in charge of public relations and producing the music, while Mithra was in charge of creating merchandise and writing songs. “And I just hang out with my girlfriend (actress Kang Hye-jung) and take their money,” Tablo joked.

Of course, it’s not true that Tablo, rapper and lyricist, does nothing: He proudly admitted he cooks meals for the band and company employees, which prompted Tukutz to quip that they’re served with just “cup noodles.”

Amid all the joking and teasing, it was almost too hard to figure out whether or not they were serious. But one thing’s for sure: Epik High is nothing but serious when it comes to having fun.

“Even if we fail, it’s going to be fun because we’re with people that we love … We take care of each other. That’s more important than music, money or this entire industry,” Tablo said.

Source: Korea Times

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Celebrities’ IQ Scores

오상진 Oh Sang Jin – 177
한준호 Han Joon Ho – 163
안재환 Ahn Jae Hwan – 157
이병헌 Lee Byung Hun – 155
서태지 Seo Tai Ji – 154
윤하 Younha – 153
김지호 Kim Ji Ho – 151
타블로 Tablo – higher than 150
류시현 Ryn Shi Hyun – higher than 150
신해철 Shin Hae Chul – 150
천정명 Chun Jung Myung – 150
정찬 Chung Chan – 149
이천희 Lee Chun Hee – 148
김태희 Kim Tae Hee – 148
홍경민 Hong Kyung Min – 148
박예진 Park Ye Jin – 147
은지원 Eun Ji Won – 146
김정훈 Kim Jung Hoon – 146
허일후 Huh Il Ho – 143
김용만 Kim Yong Man 143
배용준 Bae Yong  Joon – 142
정선희 Jung Sun Hee – 142
신현준 Shim Hyun Joon – 142
장동건 Jang Dong Gun – 142
윤호Yunho (DBSK) – 142
이재용 Lee Jae Yong – higher than 140
정준하 Jung Joon Ha – higher than 140
보아 BoA – higher than 140
김혜수 Kim Hye Su – 140
다나 Dana (CJSH) – 140
신동엽 Shin Dong Yup – 139
솔비 Solbi – 138
강동원 Kang Dong Won – 137
손호영 Son Ho Young – 137
김수로 Kim Su Ro – 137
차태현 Cha Tae Hyun – 137
김건모 Kim Gun Mo – 130
김희선 Kim Hee Sun – 130
김태균 Kim Tae Gyun – 130
정형돈 Jung Hyung Don – 127
이효리 Lee Hyo Ri – 125
윤종신 Yoon Jong Shin – 119
유재석 Yoo Jae Suk – 114
대성 Daesung (Big Bang) – 110
준수 Junsu (DBSK) – about 100

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Mari&Alta’s special Favorites Post!<3

Mari&Alta’s Favorite k-pop List!

Who’s yours? (Will edit more Later)



Both Equal

Both like the same member

Super Junior:

  1. Leeteuk
  2. Heechul
  3. Hangeng
  4. Yesung
  5. Kangin
  6. Shindong
  7. Sungmin
  8. Eunhyuk
  9. Donghae
  10. Siwon
  11. Ryeowook
  12. Kibum
  13. Kyuhyun

Dong Bang Shin Ki:

  1. Yunho
  2. Jaejoong
  3. Yoochun
  4. Junsu
  5. Changmin

Fly to the sky:

  1. Brian
  2. Hwan Hee


  1. Jiheon
  2. Hyun joon
  3. Kim kyung rok


  1. Hyun joong
  2. Jung min
  3. Young Saeng
  4. Kyu Jong
  5. Hyung Joon


  1. Onew
  2. Jong Hyun
  3. Minho
  4. Key
  5. Taemin

F.T. Island:

  1. Hong Ki
  2. Seung Hyun
  3. Jong Hun
  4. Jae jin
  5. Min hwan

Big Bang:

  1. Taeyang
  2. G-Dragon
  3. T.O.P
  4. Daesung
  5. Seung Ri

Epik High:

  1. Tablo
  2. Mithra
  3. Dj Tukutz


  1. Jinwoon
  2. Jokwon
  3. Seoulong
  4. Changmin


  1. Jaebeom
  2. Junsu
  3. Nichkhun
  4. Taecyeon
  5. Wooyoung
  6. Junho
  7. Chansung


  1. Eli
  2. Kevin
  3. Su hyun
  4. Kibum
  5. Alexander
  6. Dong ho


  1. Lee Jang Woo
  2. Hyeon Woo
  3. No Minwoo


  1. Typhoon
  2. Attack
  3. X-Mas


  1. Dongmin
  2. Rocky


  1. Kim Joon
  2. dunno name(sings funny on stage)
  3. dunno name(little one)

SG Wannabe:

  1. Kim Yong Jun
  2. Kim Jin Ho
  3. Lee Seok Hun

epik high to open own portal site and book album


Hip hop group Epik High will be the first artiste in Korea to open their own artiste portal site and will release their own book album.

They will open their artiste portal site (mapthesoul.com) on 21st March. The site is created and will be operated personally by the Epik High members and will be the portal space for the fans and Epik High to interact with one another via the various contents and services provided.

The site will provide services like photo diaries, video blog mapTV and also online shopping mall.

Together with this site, Epik High will also release a new product which is their book album ‘魂: Map the Soul’. The book will the show the process of how albums are created. The book will be released on 27th March.

Credits: Sookyeong

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Epik High twitter


Epik High’s twitter has been  updated:


We had to delay the shows in the US. It will be in mid-May. We are trying to go to more cities. Please check the site thursday this week.


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Your Top 100 Video!(RESULTS TO UR VOTING!)

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Also Seohyun and Hyo yeon are from SNSD lol.


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