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Fly To The Sky goes on farewell trip ending their 10-years activities together


The Fly To The Sky members HwanHee and Brian go on a farewell trip to commemorate their activities together for the last 10 years since their debut.

They did that through SBS ‘Close Note’. Their manager said in an interview that this vacation will leave them with some good memories as part of Fly To The Sky before they take a rest from group activities to focus on their individual activities.

The 2 also provided, “It is a lie if we said we don’t fight. We learned to be careful with what we say and be understanding after being together for about 7-8 years.”

They debuted with the song ‘Day By Day’ in 1999 and them appearing on SBS ‘Close Note’ will be their last activity together. This episode of ‘Close Note’ will be aired on 8th May.





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After Fly To The Sky’s disband, Brian to have big-screen debut


Male duo Fly To The Sky has ended their 10 years long of activities together on 12th April with their last performance at SBS Inkigayo.

Members Brian Joo and HwanHee will focus on their individual activities from now. Hwanhee will focus on his solo singing while Brian will take on the preparations for his upcoming movie. He is currently taking acting lessons.

He will head for America in May to start filming for his big-screen debut in June.

Credit: K bites

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Fly To The Sky’s last performing stage, ending 10 years’ activities


Male duo Fly To the Sky had ended their 10 years of activities together with their last performing stage on 12th April on SBS Inkigayo.

They first debuted in 1999 with the song ‘Day By Day’, and their last title song from their 8th album this year. With this, both members Brian Joo and HwanHee will focus on their individual activities.

And also the name of the representative male R&B duo group will become part of history. Although the members have not want to label this as a dissolution, the truth is that the group has really came to a dissolution.

The 2 will continue with reaching out to their fans with their individual activities in the future.

Credit:K bites

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Fly To The Sky for goodbye stage on 12th, “From now on, it will be solo…”


Male duo group Fly To The Sky will have their last stage for their comeback album on 12th April, after which they will be focusing on their individual activities.

They will end their group activities with performance on SBS Inkigayo on 12th April. This is their 10th year together since their debut in 1999, and they had been well-known for their R&B ballad music.

Their debut song was ‘Day By Day’ and the title song of their last album will be ‘Restrictions’.


Credit:K Bites

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Mari&Alta’s special Favorites Post!<3

Mari&Alta’s Favorite k-pop List!

Who’s yours? (Will edit more Later)



Both Equal

Both like the same member

Super Junior:

  1. Leeteuk
  2. Heechul
  3. Hangeng
  4. Yesung
  5. Kangin
  6. Shindong
  7. Sungmin
  8. Eunhyuk
  9. Donghae
  10. Siwon
  11. Ryeowook
  12. Kibum
  13. Kyuhyun

Dong Bang Shin Ki:

  1. Yunho
  2. Jaejoong
  3. Yoochun
  4. Junsu
  5. Changmin

Fly to the sky:

  1. Brian
  2. Hwan Hee


  1. Jiheon
  2. Hyun joon
  3. Kim kyung rok


  1. Hyun joong
  2. Jung min
  3. Young Saeng
  4. Kyu Jong
  5. Hyung Joon


  1. Onew
  2. Jong Hyun
  3. Minho
  4. Key
  5. Taemin

F.T. Island:

  1. Hong Ki
  2. Seung Hyun
  3. Jong Hun
  4. Jae jin
  5. Min hwan

Big Bang:

  1. Taeyang
  2. G-Dragon
  3. T.O.P
  4. Daesung
  5. Seung Ri

Epik High:

  1. Tablo
  2. Mithra
  3. Dj Tukutz


  1. Jinwoon
  2. Jokwon
  3. Seoulong
  4. Changmin


  1. Jaebeom
  2. Junsu
  3. Nichkhun
  4. Taecyeon
  5. Wooyoung
  6. Junho
  7. Chansung


  1. Eli
  2. Kevin
  3. Su hyun
  4. Kibum
  5. Alexander
  6. Dong ho


  1. Lee Jang Woo
  2. Hyeon Woo
  3. No Minwoo


  1. Typhoon
  2. Attack
  3. X-Mas


  1. Dongmin
  2. Rocky


  1. Kim Joon
  2. dunno name(sings funny on stage)
  3. dunno name(little one)

SG Wannabe:

  1. Kim Yong Jun
  2. Kim Jin Ho
  3. Lee Seok Hun

Top 100 Korean Idols [You Vote!]



You will go To go here to vote!!!

EDIT:U Can vote for ur top 10 NOW!!!

Keep Voting and let everyone else know!!!

Edit: Hey Everyone, Link this to everyone, so they can vote =D

Edit: Keep voting.. post anywhere! You can Let everyone know so it can be a fair Competition =D

Many people Didn’t like the outcome of the M-net Ranking that was out a while ago. So we Decided to have a poll for Ourselves, TOP 100!!! those who we feel  really Deserve to be on top! “Boys and Girls!”

There will be more then 100 to vote from, but in the end, there will only be TOP 100! so Vote well if you want them to win!

The thing is, we need everyone to Vote, so that everyone gets chance to vote! You can Vote up to 10 times. Please don’t vote for the same person 10 times.  Must be 10 different people! MUST BE FROM THE LIST To vote, you will comment your List of 10! Good thing is, You don’t need to have WordPress to Comment My Blog =D So go for it, put your 5 top idols. ❤ Here are the list to choose 10 from! ( i will List the votes next to the person who Receives them. So check back! Get others to vote! if it’s those fromyour forum or those of ur blog or anything. Link them here =D)

Edit: Votes will be edited whenever i have time!!! Keep Voting everyone!

  1. Xiah Junsu-DBSK(27)
  2. U-Know Yunho-DBSK(33)
  3. Micky Yoochun-DBSK(22)
  4. Hero Jaejoong-DBSK(34)
  5. Max Changmin-DBSK(28)
  6. Leeteuk-Super Junior( 8 )
  7. Heechul-Super Junior(11)
  8. Hangeng/Hankyung-Super Junior( 8 )
  9. Yesung-Super Junior(5)
  10. Kangin-Super Junior(4)
  11. Shindong-Super Junior
  12. Sungmin-Super Junior(15)
  13. Eunhyuk-Super Junior(9)
  14. Donghae-Super Junior( 8 )
  15. Siwon-Super Junior(3)
  16. Ryeowook-Super Junior(1)
  17. Kibum-Super Junior(5)
  18. Kyuhyun-Super Junior(7)
  19. Henry-Super Junior M(2)
  20. Zhou Mi-Super Junior M
  21. Onew-SHINee( 8 )
  22. Jong Hyun-SHINee(7)
  23. Minho-SHINee( 13 )
  24. Key-SHINee(11)
  25. Taemin-SHINee( 16 )
  26. G-Dragon-Big Bang(15)
  27. TOP-Big Bang(16)
  28. Taeyang-Big Bang(6)
  29. Daesung-Big Bang(7)
  30. Seung Ri-Big Bang(5)
  31. Taeyeon-SNSD(3)
  32. Sooyoung-SNSD(1)
  33. Yoona-SNSD(1)
  34. Yuri-SNSD(2)
  35. Tiffany-SNSD(1)
  36. Jessica-SNSD
  37. Sunny-SNSD(1)
  38. SeoHyun-SNSD(1)
  39. HyoYeon-SNSD
  40. Soo Hee-Wonder Grils(4)
  41. Sun Ye-Wonder Girls(5)
  42. Sun Mi-Wonder Girls(4)
  43. Ye Eun-Wonder Girls(3)
  44. Yoo Bin-Wonder Girls(6)
  45. Son Ho Young-G.O.D
  46. Danny Ahn-G.O.D
  47. Kim Tae Woo-G.O.D
  48. Yoon Kye Sang-G.O.D
  49. Hwan Hee(Fany)-Fly to the Sky(1)
  50. Brian-Fly to the Sky(2)
  51. Jung Min-SS501
  52. Hyun Joong-SS501(5)
  53. Young Saeng-SS501(2)
  54. Kyu Jong-SS501(4)
  55. Hyung Jun-SS501(1)
  56. Lee Min Ho-Boys Before Flowers(7)
  57. Kim Bum-Boys Before Flowers(13)
  58. Kim Joon-Boys Before Flowers/T-Max(1)
  59. Lee Hong Ki-F.T. Island(9)
  60. Min Hwan-F.T. Island( 9 )
  61. Jae Jin-F.T. Island(7)
  62. Jung Hun-F.T. Island(7)
  63. Seung Hyun-F.T. Island(New member)(5)
  64. Eric Mun-Shinhwa
  65. Andy Lee-Shinhwa(2)
  66. Shin Hyesung-Shinhwa
  67. Jun Jin-Shinhwa
  68. Kim Dongwan-Shinhwa(1)
  69. Lee Minwoo-Shinhwa(1)
  70. Kangta-H.O.T
  71. Tony An-H.O.T
  72. Jang Woo Hyuk-H.O.T(2)
  73. Typhoon(Jay)-TRAX(1)
  74. Attack(Jung Woo)-TRAX
  75. X-Mas(Jung Mo)-TRAX
  76. Boa(2)
  77. Jang Ri In(2)
  78. Jae Bum-2pm(2)
  79. Kim Junsu-2pm(1)
  80. Chansung-2pm
  81. Woo Young-2pm(1)
  82. Nichkhun-2pm(5)
  83. Junho-2pm
  84. Taecyeon-2pm(4)
  85. Jo Kwon-2am(1)
  86. Seulong-2am
  87. Jin woon-2am(1)
  88. Lee Changmin-2am(1)
  89. Tablo-Epik High(7)
  90. Mithra-Epik High(1)
  91. DJ Tukutz-Epik High(1)
  92. Son Dam Bi(1)
  93. Se7en(2)
  94. Lee Hyori-Fin K.L(1)
  95. Rain(Bi)
  96. Beak Ji Young(2)
  97. Ko Hye Sun-Boys Before Flowers(1)
  98. Kim So Eun-Boys Before Flowers
  99. Eun Ji WonSechs Kies
  100. Stephanie-CSJH
  101. Dana-CSJH
  102. Lina-CSJH
  103. Sunday-CSJH
  104. Yoon Eun Hye-Baby V.O.X(1)
  105. Oh Jong Hyeok-Click B
  106. Kim Sang Hyuk-Click B
  107. Ryu-Battle
  108. Taehwa-Battle
  109. Lio-Battle
  110. Chris-Battle
  111. HwiChan-Battle
  112. Kevin-U-kiss
  113. Alexander-U-kiss
  114. Eli-U-Kiss(1)
  115. Kim Kibum-U-kiss
  116. Su Hyun-U-kiss
  117. Dong Ho-U-kiss
  118. Sung Si Kyung
  119. Wheesung(2)
  120. Gummy(1)
  121. Chae Yeon
  122. Park Hyo Shin
  123. HwaYobi
  124. Ajoo(3)
  125. Ji Heon-V.O.S
  126. Hyun Joon-V.O.S
  127. Kim Kyung Rok-V.O.S(2)
  128. Taegoon
  129. IU
  130. Younha
  131. MC Mong
  132. K-Will
  133. H-Eugene
  134. Danny-1tym
  135. Lee Hyun Ji
  136. Ga In-Brown Eyed Girls
  137. Narsha-Brown Eyed Girls
  138. Jea-Brown Eyed Girls
  139. Miryo-Brown Eyed Girls
  140. Bada-S.E.S
  141. Kim Lee Won
  142. Kim Tae Hee
  143. Jang Geun Suk(3)
  144. Danial Henney
  145. Dennis Oh

Go Vote Everyone! you have 145 People to choose from!!!! LEAVE A COMMENT with ur top 10 as ur vote!! =D

Thank you! check back Constantly for results and such! also Link it to everyone who loves Kpop and would want to Vote =D!

Credit: Dianabananna+Aethi for the help!

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