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GDragon may return to Korea from Europe vacation as soon as this weekend, “I’m doing well”

GDragon looking tired having caught a cold at the November CyWorld DMA

Big Bang leader GDragon who has recently gone on an Europe vacation to study on fashion.

YG Entertainment said on the 7th, “GDragon went on a trip to Europe starting from England. And he is currently resting well. And he has let us know that he is doing well there.”

“Even though it has not been decided when exactly he will be back in Korea. But if it is fast enough, he will beback by this weekend.”

YG recently revealed that due to the work at head, GDragon went into a slight slump condition. And hence plans for his solo album in April was postponed.

However the company revealed, “Before doing on the Europe trip, his slight depression condition is already cleared. The vacation is just one for him to rest his mind and body, and let him do some recuperation.”

There has also been photos uploaded online showing that he is enjoying on his vacation. YG representative said, “Fans need not worry too much as GDragon’s condition is maintaining a good condition. Please continue to give him the support he needs.”

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Big Bang GDragon’s Special Appearance 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ MV

Big Bang GDragon, who have been said to have slight depression and is currentlyon his Europe vacation, has a special appearance on 2NE1’s new MV.

2NE1 released the MV to their debut single ‘Fire’ on the 6th. In the MV, GDragon had a cameo appearance. He was seen swinging his head and moving comically to the lyrics ‘ChalRang ChalRang’ in the song.

It was previously mentioned in YG’s message on how GDragon has been having  a hard time coping with work and had been down with slight depression a while back. Fans’ responses to his cameo appearance have been welcoming too.

His solo album will be released in August.

Watch his cameo appearance cut in the MV here

Credits: Sookyeong

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G-Dragon, Taeyang, &Seungri Support “I SAY MUSIC” Campaign

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Big Bang GDragon’s Party Time with Close Friends

News came recently that YG upcoming female group 2NE1’s stylists are Big Bang GDragon’s good friends Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung.

Lately, photos of GDragon partying with his good friends have also been uploaded online.

Famous model Lee Soo Hyeok was also present at GDragon’s little party time.

Netizens say:

  • JiYongie after all, whatever he does, he looks charming”
  • “He just radiates”
  • “He is charming, both to females and males”
  • “Wa~~ Even Lee Soo Hyeok is present!”
  • GDragon looks very happy”
  • JiYong ahh~ I live in HongDae too~ I want to drink too ><”

Credits: Sookyeong

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Big Bang G-Dragon and SNSD Jessica in We Got Married

G-Dragon of Big Bang and SNSD Jessica are in talks with the producers of We Got Married on attending the diminishing show. However the concept of the show will be different than the usual one as instead of hooking up celebs for some scripted made-up couples, this ‘new’ one will hook up real time couples.

However, G-Dragon obssesive-complusive stalker fans are not too keen of having their idol paired up with some slut girl that they didn’t approve of.  Some of the fans would like him to be with Wonder Girls most terrible singer, So Hee. Seriously, fans and i mean, those creepy obsseive stalker ones are what really annoyed me.

Who cares if he’s gonna end up with Jessica or So Hee or some girl who serves him Soju at some Ma and Pa’s restaurant, come on..that’s his life and its not for us to decide dictate who shall be a better lover for G-Dragon. It’s not like he cares anyway, as long as the girl has a nice view of a cleavage and long skinny legs and tons and tons of moo lah, I think he know what he wants. Afterall, boys will always be boys …or I am wrong in this.

Striked out because of offensive/ negetive material.
Main point of article is in first paragraph ^^

Credit:Kpop Jjang

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More Lollipop Cyon photoshoot(Big bang)

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2NE1’s stylists are GDragon’s close friends

2NE1’s stylists are GDragon’s close friends


It is known that YG Entertainment’s upcoming 4-member female group 2NE1’s stylists are close friends to Big Bang member cum the representative fashionista GDragon.

YG said on the 16th, “2NE1’s stylists are GDragon’s friends Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung.”

It was revealed that Yang Seung Ho is a graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design while Lee Hyun Jung is from Chelsea College of Art. The 2 are currently on a school vacation.

It was known that GDragon had stayed until dawn for 2NE1’s album jacket photoshoot, showing his support for the 2NE1 members and also his close friends.

2NE1 is set to debut this May.


mari’s note: hahaha!!!

That Doesnt surprise me for some reason!!! lol!! good Job Fella’s…

There image was in ur hands, and what do u do?

You give them Wacky Creepy Hair LOL!

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idols studying hard for the 09 semester


Amidst their busy schedule, idol group members who have been enrolled into universities have also found the time to attend classes and their ’studying hard in progress’ features are also revealed.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA who is currently busy filming for MBC drama ‘Cinderella Man’ has been recently seen, wearing spectacles, listening and writing down notes attentively in class, and her photos have been captured on a fellow classmate’s mobile phone.

While Big Bang member GDragon, enrolled into KyungHee university’s post modern course were seen with member DaeSung listening to lessons in class. YG Entertainment provided that even though Big Bang is currently busy preparing for their Japanese album and activities as well as filming CF, when time allows, they will go for lessons in school.

And also WonderGirls member SunYe was seen attending lessons in school and studying hard when WonderGirls were still in Korea for their first concert. The group is currently in America preparing for their debut there. SunYe is studying in the same course as YoonA.

Credit:K bites

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Big Bang for SBS HopeTV; GDragon gets ajumma perm

Big Bang was in Seoul KangNamGoo TEO studio for the shooting of supporters posters for SBS HopeTV. Big Bang also wore the shirt is produced by singer Sean.

After which they did an interview with reporters talking about doing such a division project for a good cause. TaeYang said, “It’s really exciting to be doing something good like this. Normally, we had wanted to do something like this but time just doesn’t allow for it. Now that we are given a chance, we are doing it together.”

Sean who designed the teeshirt that Big Bang was wearing said, “In this bad economic times, there needs to be love like this. I believe that when love is put into the gray light, it will become a rainbow. Love can make the world a colourful one. Many campaigns have many beautiful tees, so I designed one that is pretty and also one that you can wear on casual occasions.”

He continued, “It seems that Big Bang has grown up so quickly from since they were little kids, to become Korea’s iconic and representative group, and I want to give them this chance for this division project. I really enjoying having Big Bang to participate in this project.”

SeungRi said, “We will be excited to see the teenagers, who has given so much liking for Big Bang, wearing the teeshirts walking on the streets. This is very meaningful. If kids are to wear this teeshirts and have their own dreams, even more kids will have their dreams.”

The designed tees for this project will be sold at NII stores, and all proceeds to be donated to the Hope Fund.

SBS HopeTV will go on for a month from beginning of May.


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