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The Gee Craze…*all artist Included*

So I decided to make a special post as One of my Last Posts!!!<3 on there that is.. i’ll be moving on to Hypnoticasia when it’s open!!

here are all the artists that have ever done GEE! SINGING or DANCING! Please Remind me if i have missed someone =).

SNSD(of course):

Younha(R&B) version:


IU(personally, I LOVE THIS ONE):

Young Saeng([ss501]DANCING):

Younha(again) & K will ft. Sweet Sorrow(must watch!):

Infinity Challenge parody:

Jaebum+Woo young+Taec Yeon(2pm):

Auhjumma Generation (LOL):

Super junior’s (heechul, Eunhyuk, Kangin&Sungmin):

Rocky (JUMPER):

Alex (Classiquai):

Nickkhun and Wooyoung(2pm):

Jaebeom Taecyeon Wooyoung’s(2pm)[On Idol Show this time]:

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk Sing Gee on the radio:

Super Junior sings Gee with SNSD when Gee got 1st:

leeteuk dances to Honey(JYP), Sorry Sorry(SJ)and (GEE):

To My Loyal Readers!!! *SWITCHING BLOGS*

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The other blog will take all my time!

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2pm+2am had a Photoshoot together…oneday!

Boys so cute!!!! Jaebum+Jo kwon!<333

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Wonder girls Preview of NEW CF!

Credit:As tagged

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2AM takes on 180 degrees transformation for 2nd single album


Group 2AM is back as the ‘real men’.

Teaser photos to 2AM 2nd single album was revealed on the morning of 16th March on their official homepage (2am.jype.com).

In the photos, they had taken a 180 degrees transformation looking much more manly and matured. The title song ‘Time for confession’ was also revealed together with the teaser photos.

2AM will comeback with their 2nd single album on 19th March.


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2pm’s idol Popularity is Here!

Group 2PM is heating up the popularity of ‘Idol Show! She’s Come’.

The rating keep on rising since they debuting as the host on the cable channel MBC Every1’s ‘Idol Show Season 3′ 3 months ago.

They always come out with their pure and unusual appearance in ‘Idol Show’ and this has caught the attention of the viewers.

Also, the appearance of Nichkhun and leader JaeBum as the fixed member in SBS Star King, has made them stand out more.

2PM is composed of 7 outstanding talented boys and debuted as JYP’s pride, released their first single entitled ‘Hottest Time Of The Day’ on August 2008.

‘Idol Show’ is airing every week at 6:00 pm on cable channel MBC Every1 and on the 5th, SHINee will appear as the guest.

Credits: TVDaily

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Many artist promoting overseas

Korean artists are promoting large amount of activities overseas.
BoA, TVXQ, Se7en, Wonder Girls, JYP, SS501 etc will be advancing their activities mainly in Japan and US on the first half of the year.
Last year, after releasing single “Eat You Up” and started official activities, her first American album consists of 12 songs will be release on 17th March. “I Did It For Love” was produced by Sean Garret, who also produced for Britney Spears, Usher etc. This album will not only be in the US market but also other Asian countries. Although BoA is a top artist in Asia but she’s a newbie in America. An SM representative said she’ll start off one step at a time with the basics such as talk shows and interviews.
TVXQ experienced all kind of difficulties and went through a lot of suffering on Japan’s stages. After ‘MIROTIC’ promotions in Korea, they quickly took off to Japan to promote this month’s new single and soon a 4th Japanese album release coming in March.
First half of the year, TVXQ will stay in Japan doing promotions. 2nd half of the year they’ll come back to Korea with activities.

Source: Demon仙一族 + iknowyoonho
Translations: crazee@tvxqfever

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JYP Pursues Contract With US Agency for the Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls, Will Their American Launch Become a Reality?
In the Middle of Pushing for a Contract with a Large Agency
By Newsen’s Entertainment Division

The Wonder Girls are in the midst of confidential discussions with one of the three major agencies in the US in order to push for a contract.

With this, it looks as though the Wonder Girls’ launch into the world market is expected to pick up speed.

It has been revealed that the Wonder Girls’ management company, JYPEntertainment, is currently in talks to close a contract deal with one of US’ top three agencies. JYPEntertainment is awaiting a response from the agency after having sent in materials including video footage of the Wonder Girls’ entertainment activities.

In preparation for their launch into the American market, the Wonder Girls members have been immersed in their English studies and in practicing acting. They recently established their own personal channel on YouTube and shared a clip that they had recently filmed. Moreover, they caught eyes by displaying their smooth English skills in the clip.

The Wonder Girls have been preparing for their launch into the US market since two years ago.

The Wonder Girls first appeared in the US last February and March as guests during JYP’s American concert tour in New York and Los Angeles. They have plans to appear in concerts in LA, Orange County, and New York this coming March.

Source: Newsen
Translations: ppopki@Spectacle!

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MBC Gayo [Pix, Videos, About show]



This was Naturally better then KBS! but not as good as SBS!!

Wonder Bang stage=AWESOME!


B to the I to the G[bang bang], WON to the DER [girls girls]”

Part 1…1/8

Part 2…1/14

Adorable G-Dragon!<3


MC’s: They were Kool, It was Dr. fishy, Kim Gura, (family outing guy:Totally Forgot Sorry), And  (New heart girl!)

Epik High: They performed!!! I missed them. it was really cool. they performed One and Another song. Not sure which ones.. lol DJ looked Sexy like always<3

Bi Rain: Performed WAYYY to many songs lol, Rainism, I’m Coming, It’s Raining, and Many more. Then he did a “battle” Rain Vs. JYP! haha. it was actually pretty kool i liked how they did it together, the dancing didnt annoy me! over all they were pretty good… I kinda Forwarded threw the Rain himself.  but it was good!

Wonder Girls and Big Bang: They Performed Mannnyyy Songs. Tae Yang and Sun Ye performed Irony, Seung Ri and Yu Bin sang Lies, G-dragon and SoHee sang Tell Me, Daesung and Ye Eun sang Haru Haru, TOP and Sun Mi sang Nobody! Then the Boys Sang SO HOT (BIG BANG Version!) it was Rapped.. HELLA KOOL! i like Taeyangs SEXY part haha. Then the girls Did big bangs Last Farewell, and then the boys came out with the BANG BANG and GIRLS GIRLS(I have the lyrics on top of this Post)


Wonder Girls: They performed A really long Version of Nobody lol. I dunno why it was Kool.. But im getting sick of this song. HEARD IT TO MUCH THIS WEEK!


2PM: they did 10/10. it was kool. Weird Clothes! hahaha! but it was actually kool!!

SHINee: they performed Replay and Amigo.. I LOVE THEM! cuteness… but i just wished the Camera people were better. GRRZZ!! cute clothes and dancing and a lil dance in the beginning was kool!

Big Bang: They did like an Intro to there song first, Seung Ri Did a lil bit of Strong Baby, Daesung did a bit of Number 1, TOP did ‘Put your hands in the like you just dont care‘ his version lol, Taeyang did a dance for WITH YOU, And G-dragon did THIS LOVE remixed. haha. It was really Kool. Then they went and changed and they did SUNSET GLOW with the MINI BIG BANG(anyone remember the mini DBSK!..) lol. they were sooo cute! gosh! i love the poses! hehe.


Kim Gura+his Son: It was okay, they did Burning Love by ELVIS! haha the kid is ADORABLE!<3

Kim Jong Kook+Daesung: Kim Jong Kook did his song then Did “YOUR LOVELY” with the adorable Daesungie!<3 I was sooooo happppyyyy!! hehe..they were so Awesome. i liked how daesung went and got the HOST from NEW HEART because KJK likes Her. I was like AWW!! then they did the dance SOO CUTE! hehe.i loved when Daesung first came out they Held Hands!!! WAHHH!! adorableness!<3


Jewelry: They did a Remix of CINDERELLA&One more time! it was sooo catchy! i really liked it.

Brown Eyed Girls:they just sang.. Lol.

SS501: they performed U R Man, a lil bit of it. Then Hyun Joong and Jung Min came out and they did DAJA VU! it was sooo cute! i really missed Jung Min’s Face. My fav is Young Saeng tho lol.

SNSD: were there, they did Kissing you and Girls Generation.. Not exciting much.

JUN JIN: he came in the Middle of Son Dambi’s Crazy right after Eric’s Rap! he danced it was KOOOOLLL!! cuteness.. then he changed and danced to DANGEROUS by Micheal Jackson, First Super junior now jun jin! MJ has taken over KOREA! lol.

Son Dambi: she did crazy, she dressed better, pants and jacket is so much better then what she has ever wore. lol. Then jun jin came in to Dance! yep yep!

TAEYANG: he did 2 songs, Prayer Ft. Teddy as Rapper From 1tym, and then My girl and Only look at me! AWESOME PERFORMANCE i still dunno why he put on the 2nd jacket if he was gonna take it off again lol.


If i miss anyone Important I’ll Tell Edit~There were many random performances! Like FUNNY band, umm… I dunno who else  Taejina and  his best friend. SONG D… I dont remember lol,  with Twist girl and park Hyeonbin. But yeah.. it was kool.  it was like a Mini Musical


Credit:Big bang fansite

http://www.Youtube.com/ wkfskstmdgh


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