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Leeteuk Visits Son Jae-Hee

Son Jae-hee is battling cancer. The 12-year-old appeared on Star King in May 2008 and serenaded the crowd. At the same time, she fulfilled her dream of meeting the show’s host Kang Ho-dong.

Son Jae-hee was diagnosed with brain cancer on her birthday in 2007. She underwent two operations and 10 chemotherapy treatments and became much better; so much so that she appeared on the SBS variety program.

However, in December 2008, Son Jae-hee’s health took a turn for the worse. The tumor is back and it is spreading.

Super Junior’s Lee-teuk, who played the keyboard for little Jae-hee during her Star King appearance, visited the girl recently. He left her a personal message in an autographed CD.

Lee-teuk isn’t the only one who has visited Jae-hee. Kang Ho-dong dropped in on Jae-hee on Dec 23 last year. His visit was recorded for a Star King episode.

Source: MSN News
Credit: k-popped

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