Park Jungmin Dating Kim HyunJoong Rumors While in Japan!


SS501 member Park Jungmin in recent MBC Golden Fishery show (aired May 6) shared his story of the old rumors in Japan saying he’s a gay and liking SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong to the viewer.

Park Jungmin,” When we’re in Japan there’s a rumor of me liking our leader Hyunjoong. I actually put a prank on leader.  I wrote him a love letter and put it into his bag just to tease him, and when he found the letter he took it out n continued my joke by saying that the letter was given by Jungmin to me and he even give me a belt as a gift. But that was just a ‘revenge’ from him to me for trying to put a prank on him. And that is the trigger to the rumor. It was totally a joke, yet, it lead into the GAY rumor instead.”

Park Jungmin,” And as any other man of course I want to meet the perfect woman and get married too someday”.

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Anycall Haptic Mission CF (Son DamBi, Kim HyunJoong, KimBum, KimJoon)

Anycall Mission 1:

Anycall Mission 2:

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‘F4 Special Edition’ Music drama to be released on 28th, an album will also be released

Boys Over Flowers F4 will release a ‘F5 Special Edition’ on 28th April. The teaser video to this music drama released on the 22nd has already been the topic amongst fans and netizens.

F4 will also release a ‘F4 Special Edition’ album on the 28th. This album will include songs sang individually by Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

The music drama talks about the story of the F4 members as recollected by WooBin (Kim Joon’s character).

This is filmed in the midst of the F4’s busy schedule. A new female artiste will also play as WooBin’s partner in the music drama.

When asked about the possibility of the 4 members of F4 to come together to promote the album, related officials said, “Like the album is called, this is a special edition. The members did the recording of the sound individually, it is very difficult to bring them together as a group.”