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Lee Min Ho Postpones Surgery

Due to his busy schedule, Lee Min-ho has yet again postponed the date of his surgery.

The hot commodity and BFF to Jung Il-woo was involved in a fender bender in 2006. As a result, the “Boys over Flowers” star shattered a bone in his leg and had to get steel plates and pins to hold his bones together. So since the bones are healed, it’s time for him to get them removed.

However, with his busy schedule packed with shooting CF’s and answering “love calls”, his surgery, which was originally scheduled for May, has been put on the backburner to June. So, that brings up the question: can Lee Min-ho properly heal after his surgery in a matter of 2-3 weeks?. Probably not.

With the over-worked F4 leader scheduled to have his first solo fan-meeting/birthday party at the ‘Dome Art Hall’ in Seoul on June 22nd and vocal training for a live performance at his fan-meeting, this means no time to take care of his health.

With the surgery out the window, Lee Min-ho can concentrate on his singing. You may already know but this isn’t his first attempt at breaking out into song. The pama power belted out a tune for the ‘Cass Beer’ CF”. However, at the Japan ‘Boys over Flowers” ‘ fan-meeting this past April 16th, all F4 members except for Lee Min-ho sang for their fans. Lee Min-ho didn’t sing because he simply was not confident enough to carry a tune.

Source: Popseoul
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LEE MIN HO does Summer Levis! *SO HOT*

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Lee MinHo Clears Up 3 Misunderstandings Against Him

Talent Lee Min Ho, who shot to fame with the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has recently gained lots of popularity, as well as offers for product endorsements.

But with fame comes with misunderstandings as well. Lee Min Ho clears up on 3 misunderstandings against home – about him buying Benz, about him helping out Davichi with their new album and also his love rumours.

1. Purchasing a Benz

There has been many media articles about him buying Benz recently. According to one of them, Lee Min Ho was spotted in a automobile showroom in Seoul KangNam recently, observing a Benz model and then purchasing it. And it has been known that the purchase Benz costs 100 million KRW.

But Lee Min Ho clears up that there rumours are not true. Lee’s representative, “The truth is that one of the senior actors gave Lee Min Ho on a ride in this Benz. And seeing that Lee Min Ho has interests in the car, he introduced an agent to him.”

2. Helping Davichi out with their new album

There has been some talk about Lee Min Ho, when he was still acting as ‘Goo Joon Pyo’, about him helping to publicise for female duo Davichi’s album. Back then, Davichi’s company said, “Lee Min Ho will post up publicity on his BGM minihompy when the album gets released.”

But Lee Min Ho’s representative expressed the assertions to be groundless, “It is true that Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Kyung (Davichi) are close but it is not true that he will post up publicity for them on his minihompy. Back then, because he was so busy with filming, he thought it will not become a big problem and just let the issue pass.”

3. His love rumours

In just the short time of Lee Min Ho coming into the spotlight, there has been so much talk about his love relationships with other artistes – back then it was Davichi Kang Min Kyung and Goo Hye Sun.

Lee Min Ho’
s representative again explains, “It is true he was close to those artistes, but those love rumours are not true. Also because of their tight friendship, other female artistes like Moon Chae Won, Park Bo Yeong and Choi Eun Seo were implicated.”

Also amongst these female artistes, Lee Min Ho was seemingly uncomfortable about it with Goo Hye Sun, but his company explains that it was merely that he was stressed up due to filming then.

Credits: Sookyeong

GOODNESS PEOPLE!! leave him alone already!! if he wants a girlfriend He can have a girlfriend, NOT LIKE ANY  OF YOU FANS (Im a hugggee fan) will get the Guy anywayz! so chill and just love him! lol

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lee min ho’s Fansignning Event… May 2nd

Credits: Dramabeans + Soompi

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Lee min ho, The new Mercedes CLS 350 Owner!!

Okay! lee min ho is totally sexy! right!!!!??

lets remind you of his sexy looks without his Curly Boys before flowers hair!!!!


See! i was right the Man is totally Smexy that i Fell in love with him all over again! ^^

Okay now, that is over! here is his New Ride!!!! a Mercedes CLS 350.

The guy has good taste in cars!


WAHHH!! Its as smexy as Him!!!! and he is TOTALLY HOT!!!

Okay! now that im over it(Not really but i have too! i must study lol) YAYYYY!

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Episode 1&2 of f4 Special MV [Subbed Eng]

part 1:

part 2:

WAHHH!! im TOTALLY disappointed!!! im the biggest Boys before flowers fan there is, But WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT! i even made a Forum…

here for forum

How depressing is that, I was excited to the extreme and thats what i see…

EVERYONE!! for kim bum ep.. GA EULS”Voice” That wasnt her Voice!  Everyone noticed that right? COME on now, they could have changed it..


next is hyun joong+lee min ho’s Eps 3&4 Lee min ho Smiling(TOTALLY love the flat hair and His smile) but Hyun joong isnt. =(

mannnn I bet you goo hye sun won’t be in the drama for f4! STUPIDDD But LEE MIN HO!