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To My Loyal Readers!!! *SWITCHING BLOGS*

Hey Readers:

I will be still blogging until HYPNOTICASIA.COM is running =)

a few of my friends and i have decided to Make a blog!

Professionally made and all!!! i really want  to keep blogging here, but i dont think i’ll be able too!

The other blog will take all my time!

I BOUGHT THE DOMAIN!!!! it’s still Under construction!!!… (you will see “COMING SOON”)

we are hoping to get it up and running by Next week for sure..

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Other info will be up on the blog when it’s up and running!!! PROMISE BY NEXT WEEK<333
Thing’s to look forward too:

  • We will have the “EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK” of KMF Hollywood Bowl 2009 (This weekend)

[all the staff of hypnoticasia will be present at the concert, with different views of the concert]

Videos+MANY photo’s!

I will make an Announcement again Here when the site is up and Ready for everyone to Log in!!! be ready to have the best news about all of asia In just one Click of a Button!!!<3


SHINee Fans!!!! Join Shineeholic!!!


Hey all you shinee fans!!!

Best Shinee Forum out there!!!! SHINEEHOLIC wants you all to be a member!!! apply to be staff, Or be an active member, Also chat in the Sbox!! make new friends and be the coolisnt shineeholic fan out there!!<333

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SM Entertainment win’s case against “Mirotic BAN”

April 1st, 2009 at 10 am at Seoul Administrative Court in Seocho-dong (chief judge by Kim Hong-do) was held the case-court of SM Entertainment againts South Korea Youth Protection Committee regarding the banning of TVXQ’s 4th album “MIROTIC”.

The judges: Kim Hong-do, Park Jae Young, and Yi Yong-woo finally win SM Entertainment with the statement, “The ban over MIROTIC on last November 27th will be canceled, and trial of the defendant shall bear the cost.”

For a flash back, November 27th last year, TVXQ’s MIROTIC was judged by South Korea Youth Protection Committe for having harmful lyrics. Some lyrics in MIROTIC song such as “Red Ocean” was interpreted as woman’s hymen, “Crystal” as sperm, and “Under My Skin” as having sex.

Ever since the judgement stated, MIROTIC album which has been already surpassed 500,000 copies sales so far, could not be sold freely as there was a yellow tape on it with “SOLD TO OVER 18″ printed and the under 18 Cassiopeia would never grab the album without their parents with them. As for the performance, MIROTIC song can only be performed after 10 pm in all TV stations.

However, SM Entertainment did not just give up to such situation. SM spoke person insisted that even before the song was released, they already gave South Korea Youth Protection Committee the print out lyrics together with the lyricist’s interpretation to it (which more pointing to “a desire of love” then just simply “lust”) and The Committe itself had approved. So why did they bring up the case then?

Due to that reason, SM Entertainment made their way to hold the case to court on December 15th, 2008. For this, SM Entertainment is recorded as the first artists management company who ever fights back to government’s judgement.

Seems that SM Entertainment did the right thing though, by the court’s judgement, they’re going to turn the table now.

The court wins SM by noticing that standards used by Committee are ambiguous, also for being too late in applying the ban. MIROTIC album was already sold hundreds of copies when the ban applied.

Experts commented to this case, “The youngsters in 2009 and youngsters in 1979 can’t be compared. They’re definitely different. That’s why to accommodate the width and the range was too wide. I can’t agree by the saying that there’s sexual implications in ‘MIROTIC’.”

The producer, Park Si-Hyeokssi also said, “If there’s any part of the lyrics which is said as having problems, then it should present clear criterias. The standards of the Comittee members can not be agreed on common sense level, then the lyrics should be appropriate,” he added “The unavailability of creative element in the review is disturbing”.

Source: Korean news
News written by: Sharing Yoochun

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Boa At Universal City Walk!!!! [Photos]

Boa was at Universal City Walk on March 22, 2009!

125 People were chosen to Meet her, A free autograph, watch her give a Donation to the hard rock cafe and Also be in the center! With reserved Spaces for them!

My Friends and i were not one of those Top 125 because we didnt know how Early we were supposed to be there…

There were so many fans there! we were surprised of how many people heard about the event! it was Packed!!! we were lucky! we were one of the first ones! We were so close to the Side of the stage! she’s so cute!! she smiled at those around us!!!! It was funny, the guy in front of us who had a Big Professional camera, Right when she smiled he was like OMG! I wonder if he clicked the picture!! lol hella close that i didn’t even have to really zoom in my camera to get a good picture! she sang two songs! “I did it for love” and “Eat you Up”. 102.7 Kiis FM were there also Supporting the Performance And of course because they love their girl BoA! Im so glad  I went<3 between her songs she was like whats my next song, And all the fans yelled out “I DID IT FOR LOVE” and she was like ” WHAT IT IS?” x3 lol. so cute! everyone was satisfied with the performance and Seeing her Live!<3 WOOT WOOT!!!  below you can see the Photo’s. if you would like clear Photo’s without it being branded, Then leave ur name and Email/Blog by commenting it Or Emailing me at if u do not wish Anyone to know ur Email =D! I will Surely give them to you, On one condition! it MUST HAVE THE CREDIT:Diana&Marina Or MARINEYISMARINA

YAY!!!! here are the Photo’s ENJOY!


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SHINee:DBSK:Super Junior Backstage!

OMG! they are so cute<3!!! I LOVE THE MAX AND YESUNG HUGGGG!!! GAH!!! THEY ARE SO ADORABLE<3 I DIED! gosh! Hehehehe


Credit:AhMiG0 (youtube!)

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SM TOWN Concert 2009 HQ photos!!

I Promise! Tomorrow i will find all the GOOD ones and post them!<3

Right now i must sleep it is almost 3 in the morning!<3 SARANGHAE!! check back tomorrow!!! okay? OKAY!

YESUNG, the best picture of him, Best dressed, best hair, sexy, LOVEEE HIMM<333



[Edit: So, like i said, And promised… pictures are finally edited in! PLEASE leave comments =) ]

(all u have to do is Click the picture to make it bigger.)

All of SM Ent together =) [dbsk, shinee, super junior+henry&zhou mi, snsd, zhang ri in]

Credit: DNBN+k pop jjang+sharing yoochun+pingbook+(as tagged)

-Mari loves her Aethiopeia buddies<3

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SM Concert Offical List!

Part 1
1) SM 09 Show! SM Dance Meeting Party
– Lose My Breath – SNSD
– Fantasia – CSJH The Grace
– Take It To The Floor – SHINee
– Buttons – Zhang Li Yin
– Sexy Back – Super Junior
– What’s Up -TVXQ
2) Angels – Suday The Grace
3) Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Dana The Grace
4) Too Good – CSJH The Grace Feat. KyuHyun SJ
5) Run It + 4 Seasons + Real – SHINee
6) I Will – Zhang Li Yin
7) Hey! Mickey – SNSD
9) Complete + Can Not Say – SNSD
10) Hug – TVXQ
11) Love Is… – TVXQ
12) One Love – EunHyuk Feat. Xiah TVXQ
13) The Charm Of The 21st Century – Uknow, Micky, ShinDong, DongHae, Key
14) Goose’s Dream – KyuHyun SJ JongHyun SHINee
15) Staggered Love – Zhang Li Yin Feat. JongHyun SHINee
16) If + Can You Hear Me – TaeYeon SNSD
17) Crazy – SMTOWN-ROCK!! – HeeChul SJ
18) The Ducks Fly – SMTOWN-ROCK!! – Chang Min TVXQ
19) You Are Born To Love People – Jessica Tifffany SeoHyun Dana
20) Than The Love Of Deep Wounds – Lina The Grace & JaeJoong TVXQ
21) No. 2 At The Winter – RyeoWook YeSung Onew
22) I Believe That Love – Zhang Li Yin
23) What U Want – Stephanie The Grace??
24) U + Me – Super Junior M
25) Twins – Super Junior
26) Our Love – Super Junior
27) A Long Time Ago – Super Junior
28) Under the Sea + Snow Dream – SM Family

Part Ⅱ
29) Purple Line – TVXQ
30) Boomerang – CSJH The Grace
31) ‘O’ Jung Ban Hub – TVXQ
32) A Man In Love – Super Junior
33) Rising Sun -TVXQ
34) Love Like Oxygen – SHINee
35) In My Room – SHINee
36) You’re My Miracle – TVXQ
37) You’re My Endless Love – Super Junior
38) Gee – SNSD
39) Way To Go – SNSD
40) Catch The Shooting Star – CSJH The Grace
41) One More Try – Zhang Li Yin
42) Dancing Out – Super Junior
43) Love In the Ice -TVXQ
44) Nuna Is Very Pretty [Replay] – SHINee
45) Dancing In the Rain + The Club + One More Time Ok? – CSJH The Grace
46) Moto + Girls on Top – SNSD
47) DANCE BATTLE – DongHae, TaeMin, Uknow, HyoYeon, ShinDong, HanKyung, EunHyuk, Xiah, Stephani ????
48) Smile – Super Junior
49) Oasis – TVXQ
50) Hi Ya Ya Summer – TVXQ
51) Happiness – Super Junior
52) Wonder Boy – Super Junior
53) Balloons – TVXQ
54) Mirotic + Wrong Number – TVXQ
55) Show Me Your Love – TVXQ + Super Junior
56) Hotmail – SM Family
57) Lets go On A Trip – SM family

Credits: KoreanXKorean @Soompi + xietinloveshero + DBSKnights

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2009 SM Ent. Global Audition Will Kick Off In Korea

S.M. Entertainment will be joining forces with its subsidary company, S.M. Bravo in organizing the 2009 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition. Stars currently under the S.M. Entertainment label include the likes of KangTa, BoA, DBSK, CSJH The Grace, Super Junior, Jang Ri In, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shinee, Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee. The auditions will kick off first in various cities around Korea.


S.M. Entertainment Global Audition first started in 2006 and took place in over 15 countries including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, America, Canada, etc and is a large-scale overseas event. Starting with Korea on the 14th of this month, the global audition will then proceed to China, Japan, countries in South-East Asia, Canada, America, etc, hoping to discover the next big thing.

S.M. Entertainment Global Audition was conceptualized with the main focus on discovering talent from overseas. But after getting bombarded with calls and requests from interested talents in Korea, S.M. decided to hold auditions in Korea as well and there are plans to make this permenent in future.

From 14 – 28th February, 2009 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition in Korea will kick off the first stage in Seoul, Jeonju, Daejeon, Pusan, Suwon, Gwangju, Daegu. For those who cleared the first stage, they will then go on to the 2nd stage where they will be tested with the newly imported S.M. Bravo system.

Regardless of your nationality or age, anyone who aspires to be a singer, actor/actress, model (fashion, CF), dancer or song composer (lyrics) can sign up. There are 2 ways to sign up for this, 1 is by sending in your resume and photo through email on the day before the audition. Another way is to report on the day itself with the necessary stated documents between 2 – 4pm.

For those who cleared all the stages of the audition, they will get to sign a contract with S.M. Entertainment and become a trainee. All training expenses including food, lodging, etc will be borne by S.M. Entertainment. Stars who came through the global auditions include DBSK Micky YooChun, CSJH The Grace Stephanie, Super Junior Ki Bum and Han Kyung, So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany, Trax J. Henry from Super Junior-M was the winner of the 2006 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition back then and is now very active in China.

For more information or enquiries, check out the official website.

Credits: Coolsmurf

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Boa=Top 10!

BoA has advanced into the top 10 ranks of American Billboard chart for the first time with her American debut single ‘Eat You Up’.

The song ‘Eat You Up’ was up on #8 position on the ‘Hot Dance Club Play’ chart for 7th February, rising up 4 ranks from #8 on 31st January.

Meanwhile, BoA will be releasing her debut American full album on 17th March named ‘BoA‘ aiming the mainstream American market.

Credits: Sookyeong

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