SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s Cellphone Design for ANYCALL

SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong, Son Dambi, Kimbum & Kimjoon have been the ‘new employee’ for Anycall.

The 4 of them have been presenting their design for the mobile phone case.

Kim Hyunjoong’s concept is taken from UFO. It uses a glow in the dark material. Hyunjoong,” I got the idea from UFO, since I really want to see and ride an UFO one day, so I use it as the basic idea, that’s explains where the circles design came from”.

Son Dambi proposed a hologram & heart design. The design is targeted to couple mobile phone.

Kim Hyunjoong & Kimjoon visited theme park to seek design inspiration.They were guarded by 10 bodyguard, yet, still, the high school-er fans surrounding them and made them having a lack of time to seek the inspiration and need to leave earlier than scheduled. As for Son Dambi and Kimbum, both  visited Insa-dong for the same reason.

Anycall judges praisely said,” As expected the 4 of them are giving creative design & ideas”.

As for the mobile phone case design, netizen gave a 4 stars and said the designs should be released to public.

After mobile phone case design challenge, the 4 of them will move on to the next mission which will be mobile phone sales related mission.

The Anycall Haptic Mission OST is also popular among music lover. The 2nd season will be release on mid of May 2009, which will featured Kim Hyunjoong’s group SS501 as one of the singer.

Source: Nate
Translations: imuyachan

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Son DamBi-Lee SiYoung for JunJin’s May singer comeback


ShinHwa member JunJin will comeback as a singer with a minialbum ‘Fascination’ release in May.

The minialbum is set to be released on 7th May and JunJin will promote as a singer with that. He will also have his comeback stage on 9th May on MBC Music Core.

What is special about this minialbum is that there will be the participation of dancing queen SonDambi for the dance song ‘Hey Ya!’; and also actress Lee SiYoung who plays JunJin’s make-believe wife on We Got Married for the song ‘Like a Fool’.

And JunJin will have to choose between the 2 as his partner for his comeback stage. Much anticipation to who he will pick – Son DamBi or his make-believe wife Lee SiYoung.

Meanwhile there are plans for him to hold concert tours to 5 other cities – Taiwan, HongKong, China ShangHai, Thailand and Japan.

credit:K bites

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Mnet Wide News – Super 100 Bling Bling Stars

Super 100 Bling Bling Stars #1-10
1. SHINee’s Lee MinHo 이민호     (mari note. Isn’t Shinee’s Minho, CHOI minho and not Lee(lee is BBF minho)]
2. Kim YuNa 김연아
3. SoNyeoShiDae 소녀시대
4. SS501’s Kim HyunJoong 김현중
5. Kim Bum 김범
6. Jang Seo Hee 장서희
7. Ahn YoungMi 안영미
8. Son DamBi 손담비
9. So Ji Sub 소지섭
10. Big Bang’s SeungRi 승리


EXCUSE MEEE!!! my LEE MIN HO isnt on there(Unless it’s not really shinee minho.. *SHRUGS* and WHY not BLING BLING JONG HYUN! goshers people) lol

Anycall Haptic Mission CF (Son DamBi, Kim HyunJoong, KimBum, KimJoon)

Anycall Mission 1:

Anycall Mission 2:

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Son DamBi VS Lee Hyori Showdown on Family Outing

The preview to the next episode of SBS ‘Family Outing’ featuring Son DamBi to be aired on 3rd May has been released.

The filming for the next 2 episodes of ‘Family Outing’ took place on 20th and 21st April in a village in Jang Heung. And Son DamBi was the female guest appearance on the show, which won her the attention of the other Family members.

And naturally, there was a whole psywar that went on between her and the 2 permanent female Family members Lee Hyori and Park Ye Jin. Especially between the dancing queen Son DamBi, who made it big with hits like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’ and sexy queen Lee Hyori.

In the preview video, Son DamBi was featured shouting to Lee Hyori, “Now is my time!”, once again another ‘humiliating’ scene for Lee Hyori since Kim Won Hee’s appearance on the show in April.

Though you should have seen netizens’ responses, “You are still far from Hyori standard”, “Son DamBi sexy? More like innocent looking”, “More anti perhaps?”.

Credits: Sookyeong

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Son DamBi, “Plannings for Year-end Concert in the Way”

Sexy queen Son DamBi will have her first concert since her debut.

Son DamBi was on SBS Power FM ‘Sweet Sorrow TenTen club’ on 23rd April when she revealed that.

She said, “Plannings for a year-end concert are in the way. I want to perform songs from this recently album during the concert.”

Also, when she was introducing her album during the show, she said, “Ever though dance songs are good, I prefer sad songs better. I enjoy singing sad songs when I go to the norebang (karaoke).”

Credits: Sookyeong

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Son Dam Bi is next for Family Outing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The next guest family member on popular SBS variety Family Outing has been confirmed to be popular singer Son Dambi (25). According to a SBS representative on the 22nd, “Son Dambi has been recording with the other family members for the past 2 days (20th – 21st of April) in a village located in Jeollanam-do.” Filming was as usual a whole lot of fun although they were hampered by constant downpours. Son Dambi will be the 5th female guest on Family Outing after Tae Yeon, Lee Soo Kyung, YoonA and Kim Won Hee. She is currently enjoying a lot of popularity with her song Saturday Night and have picked up lots of awards from various music shows. Son Dambi’s Family Outing episode will be shown on 3rd and 10th May.

Credits: OTD

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‘Crazy’ was originally Ivy’s song


The hit song ‘Crazy’ last year which has transformed singer Son DamBi into a sexy icon, was said to be singer Ivy’s song originally.

Producer of ‘Crazy’ the Brave Brothers had Ivy in mind when they were making the song. They were also thinking of giving the song to Ivy after it was completed.

But the Brave Brothers had met with Son DamBi’s management staff and let them listen to the song.

The next day, the staff had purchased the song and included the song for Son DamBi’s album.

After this truth was revealed, netizens’ responses were, “I think Ivy would do a considerably good job with ‘Crazy’.”, “If there is the chance, Ivy and Son DamBi should sing each other’s song for a chance, that would be fun”.

Credit:K Bites

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Super Junior DongHae is #1 star Koreans want to go watch the spring flowers bloom with

dh_140409Super Junior DongHae is #1 star Koreans want to go watch the spring flowers bloom with

Super Junior DongHae has been voted the #1 star that Koreans want to go watch the blooming of the spring flowers with.

A survey was done on music site Bugs on “Which star do you want to watch blooming of spring flowers with?” and DongHae had emerged #1 on the survey. The rest of the survey results:

  • 2nd – Kim Yuna
  • 3rd – SHINee Onew
  • 4th – Son Dambi
  • 5th – Lee Hana
  • 6th – 2AM Jo Kwon

Credit:K bites

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Tears fall as Son DamBi wins first #1 on Music Bank since debut


Son DamBi has emerged #1 on Music Bank K-Chart on 10th April with her comeback song ‘Saturday Night’ after her great success with ‘Crazy’ last year. And this is the first time she wins #1 on Music Bank.

Upon knowing that she has won the #1 position on the K Chart, Son DamBi was touched to tears. She had thanked her company and her fans after receiving the award.


Credit:K bites

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