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Avex CEO Matsuura Blog Update (5 May)

The first day of TVXQ!

Mobilizing 25,000 audiences in “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code ~”
at Kobe World Memorial Hall had started!

However, the day before the concert–at rehearsal time,
one of the members Junsu injured his leg and it’s hard for him to even walk.

This condition was explained by the staff at the beginning of the concert.

Due to this accident, they had to change quickly the form of dance without Junsu participated in it.
Junsu said in strong hope, “I still want to do the live concert!”

So by telling everyone before the opening of the concert,
finally the first day of the tour was conducted safely.
There was warm cheer from all audiences, thank you very much.

Junsu together with all members were very pleased with all the cheers.
After the concert, everyone was tired, but this is picture of the members in dressing room:

It’s already expected reviews of today’s concert content along with Junsu’s condition status.
Please watch the rehearsal!

Source: CEO Matsura’s blog
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

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Tohoshinki’s New Single: Stand By You

Last year’s song “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?” leads to another sorrowful ballad love song, “Stand by U” whose recording is already finished in Usen (music broadcast cable). The release date of this song is still to be determined.

In the meantime, Tohoshinki’s single “Share The World/We Are” has a sales sum of 98,000 receiving 6th place. Therefore this group has replaced their own highest foreign artist’s record with this single.
Source: DNBN + Tohoshinki’s Official Website
Summary + Translations:
mizuna@Sharing Yoochun

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DBSK and Big Bang to attend VMAJ 2009


Korea’s biggest idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang will be attending one of Japan’s biggest music awards ceremony.

They will be attending ‘Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ) 2009′ on 30th May in Japan Saitama Super Arena.

‘VMAJ’ is one of Japan’s biggest music awards that not only awards Japanese local singers but also international singers. Even world-known pop stars like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo had received invitations to the award ceremony.

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki, who is currently active in Japan, is nominated for ‘Best Group Video’ with their hit song ‘MIROTIC’, up against 4 other Japanese teams including EXILE .

Group Big Bang has also be invited to attend the award ceremony. YG Entertainment announced on the 15th that chances that Big Bang will attend the awards ceremony are high. And they will also probably be having a performance slot during the award ceremony.

Already on the 15th, Big Bang’s photo have been posted up together with other stars like WWE star Big Show on VMAJ 2009 official site.

Credit:K Bites

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Tohoshinki @ PIA Magazine Weekly

Credits: MurasakiHashidoi + DBSKnights + baidu + dbsjheaven.blogspot.com

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DBSK Jaejoong, “Park JiBin is My DongSaeng Who’s Like a Girlfriend”

During filming of BOF, he often uploaded pictures of himself with Lee Minho, Kim Jun, etc on his minihompy and released pictures of himself with Jaejoong, who’s currently in Japan, on a surprise date. They took pictures of themselves drinking cola at one shot, and them having an enjoyable dinner.

Jaejoong met Park Jibin, his self proclaimed fan, in 2005 at a children charity foundation. Jaejoong then exchanged phone numbers with him and they’ve been maintaining a close hyung-dongsaeng relationship for the past 5 years or so.

Jaejoong said “Jibinnie’s voice is very soft and sweet so I thought it was a female fan that called. Now I call him my dongsaeng who’s like a girlfriend” showing his love for his dongsaeng. Park Jibin replied “Jaejoong hyung is the most handsome member in TVXQ’

Netizens commented “It’s great to see such kindhearted boys so close to each other” “It’s cool and interesting that their friendship has overcome the age gap”

Source: Iplus
Translations: Sparkskey@LJ

THSK Share the world PV Preview

WAHHH ADORABLE BOYS<333 i love when they have so many MV’s after one another<3

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TVXQ will be more popular with THE NEW SINGLE!

TVXQ will be more popular with the new single

Introduced last month, Tohoshinki (TVXQ)’s 4th Japanese album The Secret Code has been successfully ruling in ORICON album chart at 2nd spot.

Meanwhile on the upcoming April 22nd, Tohoshinki will prepare their summer promotion travel for the release of 27th Japanese single “SHARE THE WORLD”. At the same time, these five are also running the ARENA live tour.

The atmosphere of “SHARE THE WORLD” reminiscent of Tohoshinki’s previous cool up tempo summer single hits “Sky” and “Summer Dream”. The single also includes Fuji TV’s popular anime ONE PIECE’s opening theme “WE ARE” where Tohoshinki made their cover of this song as included also in ONE PIECE 10th anniversary album. “WE ARE” is kind of song that brings everyone a cheerful mood.

As bonus track, ONE PIECE’s 2006 ending theme “ASU WA KURU KARA” is inserted.

Source: gounworld@yna.co.kr
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

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thsk VA Magazine!

Credits: As tagged

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