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Super Junior YeSung is Kim Jong Il’s 3rd son?


An incident has happened where group Super Junior member YeSung has been introduced as North Korean ruler Kim Jong Il’s 3rd son.

On 7th April, on a Swiss tabloid new site Blick (www.blick.ch), a news reporter who was reporting on Kim Jong Il’s 3rd son had attached the photo of YeSung together with the article. This seems to be a case of confusion because YeSung’s real name is Kim Jong Woon, which coincides with Kim Jong Il’s son’s name. Blick, which is known for their tabloid news, have attached YeSung’s picture with the headlines on the 1st and 14th page of their tabloid news.

This incident was revealed on Korea’s various portal sites and online discussion boards on the 10th.

Super Junior fans have voiced, “I’m speechless”, “I didn’t even try to compare their photos”. While some fans said, “The company should demand for a correction”, “This is not a matter of joke, this is serious matter”.

Credit:k bites!

OMG!! my poor yesung!! WTF!!!

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My Yesung Rapping T.O.P by Shinhwa’s Eric!


WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yesungie!!! his rapping! all he knows is “WHATS YA GONNA DO”

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7th Family concert!!

Super Junior’s Mv and Comeback for “sorry sorry”+ singing Gee with SNSD winning!

Music Video:Sexy like wow!!! yesung You look amazing! Yesung, why are you killing meeeee!!!! the boys looked great!!<3

Adorable SJ in the waiting room:

SJ Comeback 1/2:Why i like you

Comeback 2/2: sorry sorry

SNSD winning: SM TOWN LOVE!!! snsd won, and super junior stayed on stage and sang with them! ADORABLE<3 (Yesung and Seo Hyun? CUTEEEEEEEEE) hehe

Credit: Youtube Video Uploaders!

Koreas top 50 Vocals?

Yeahhhh!!! I knew they can do it!! My Junsu is number 1, My yesung 16?? WHY! Yoochun beat Changmin? Not in vocals for me, I dunno.. Hyun joong, not b4 yesung, and why is se7en before Wookie/\? Dong hae to low, Son ho young, TO LOW!! switch around man! ima make this the way it should be later!


1. Kim Junsu
2. Kim Jaejoong
3. Seven
4. Kim Ryeowook
5. Andy lee
6. Kim Hyunjoong
7. Rian
8. Lee Minwoo
9. Park Yoochun
10. Kangta
11. Cho Kyuhyun
12. Lee Hongki
13. Jun Jin
14. Shim Changmin
15. Kim Jongkook
16. Kim Yesung
17. Shin Hyesung
18. Son Ho Young
19. Kang Daesung
20. Oh Junghyuk
21. Lee Seunggi
22. Kim Jonghyun
23. Taeyang
24. RYAN
25. Lee Donghae


1. Boa
2. Ivy
3. Dana
4. Jang Riin
5. Jang Nara
6. Park Yeeun
7. Lee Hyori
8. Park jungah
9. Solbi
10. Stephanie
11. Kim Taeyeon
12. Lee JungMin
13. Sunmi
14. Jessica
15. Bae Seulgi
16. Nam Kyuri
17. Park Bom
18. Bada
19. Min Sunye
20. Seunghyun
21. Lina
22. Joo
23. SeoHyun
24. Isuk
25. Heebon

Credits : http://www.siamzone.com + shineeTH + shineee.net

Shared by: SapphirePearls

Siwon, Heechul and MY Yesung<3


CREDIT: Pretty Boy Power@Wordpress +PingBook +Whatsubb

Wahhh Yesung IS MUCHO LOVE!<3333

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Super Junior’s “sorry sorry” MV Preview

Credit:Youtube User

Super Junior will have their Comeback on music bank. march 13th


“슈퍼주니어는 13일 KBS 2TV <뮤직뱅크>를 통해 신고식을 치른다.”
Super Junior will make their 1st comeback stage on 13th March on KBS2 Music Bank.

Credits: bibotatu@soompi