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‘Cinderella Man’ Yoona’s Cute and Refreshing Charms Shine Brightly

SNSD Yoona’s cute and refreshing charms and rising emotional acting skills are captivating the audience.

Yoona is showing an enthusiastic performance as the tough and stubborn Yoojin in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Cinderella Man’.

Yoona’s situation: Her father passes away while she was studying abroad in Paris and, furthermore, she has to pay her mother hospital fees. In spite of having lost her stall and being in a difficult situation, she works hard and bravely against the circumstances, catching the viewers attention.

On the previous episode, aired on the 22th, she shows us her cute and refreshing side as, after drinking soju and while dancing to Lee Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’, Yoojin acts and touts people. She showed us, too, her serious and emotional acting by crying and hugging her mother, who just got released from the hospital.

On the meantime, ‘Cinderella Man’ Dongdaemun merchant Daesan(Kwon Sangwoo) starts his part-time job as a substitute prince while the rest of the cast, Seeun(Han Eunjung) and Jaemin(Song Chang-Ui), are still standing in the sidelines and waiting for the drama to unfold.

Source: NewsEn
Translations: Cph@

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Yoona Expresses Her “Will for Acting” by Actually Drinking During Filming

Yoona expressed her overwhelming will for acting by actually drinking alcohol during her filming of MBC midweek drama, “Cinderella Man”.

The scene where she drinks is during the part with Yoojin (Yoona) returns to Korea after studying abroad at EsMod Fashion School in Paris after her father’s death. Yoojin starts working in the markets of the Great East Gate, running her parent’s clothing store but situation turns bad when she is confronted with debts and eviction of the store. She sets up a street vendor with Oh Daesan (Kwon Sangwoo) and is crying and complaining to him about her situation. This scene can be seen on Episode 2 will air on the 16th.

The rumor states that Yoona voluntarily drank to fully bring out her emotions and mood required for the filming.

The staff who were present at the filming site complimented Yoona upon her strong will. After Yoona finished filming for that scene she said she doesn’t understand why guys would drink this bitter Soju(alcohol), shaking her head in puzzlement.

“Cinderella Man” a story of the Prince and Pauper will air beginning at 9:55 on the 15th.
Source: Joy News
Translations: k_Taevid @ soshified

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idols studying hard for the 09 semester


Amidst their busy schedule, idol group members who have been enrolled into universities have also found the time to attend classes and their ’studying hard in progress’ features are also revealed.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA who is currently busy filming for MBC drama ‘Cinderella Man’ has been recently seen, wearing spectacles, listening and writing down notes attentively in class, and her photos have been captured on a fellow classmate’s mobile phone.

While Big Bang member GDragon, enrolled into KyungHee university’s post modern course were seen with member DaeSung listening to lessons in class. YG Entertainment provided that even though Big Bang is currently busy preparing for their Japanese album and activities as well as filming CF, when time allows, they will go for lessons in school.

And also WonderGirls member SunYe was seen attending lessons in school and studying hard when WonderGirls were still in Korea for their first concert. The group is currently in America preparing for their debut there. SunYe is studying in the same course as YoonA.

Credit:K bites

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24/7 MV out! Feat Yoona of SNSD!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Lee Min Ho&YoonA look good together?

photo77420.jpg lee minho image by ilajae_26 gallery_8217_725_176288.jpg yoona image by stellamarata

Im Yoona (You Are My Destiny) and Lee Minho (Boys Over Flowers) received the Rookie of the Year in the TV Acting category during the 45th Baeksang Awards.

Yoona thanked “all the You Are My Destiny staff, my family, and SNSD members and everyone who supported me.”

Minho, who was congratulated by the F4, said “I thank everyone who works hard for Boys Over Flower. I will work harder to please all the viewers.”

Fans are saying that Yoona-Lee Minho look good together after seeing them receive the award at the Baeksang Awards.

Earlier that day, Lee Minho fell while walking up the stairs to get to the red carpet.

Translations: dongie@soshified

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SNSD’s first Performance on KBS

So Nyeo Shi Dae
will perform their latest hit song ‘Gee’ after 4 weeks of no-show on KBS Music Bank.

The girls had won #1 on K Chart on the show for 2 consecutive weeks without with no-show.

Credits: Sookyeong

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SNSD 30 Sec Teaser for MV

SNSD Are coming back with their song GEE


WOW!!! The are sooo Colorful!!! (Reminds me of the Lovely SHINee!)

But seriously, I dont really wanna See this Video with the Teaser like that!!!

I dunno… Who knows it might me Catchy!!!

I WANT SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss them!<3

CREDIT:coolsmurf(for pix)& for Video!)

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