Offical THSK Secret code Pix!

The Secret Code ~ Official Photo

The Secret Code ~ Leaflet

credit: withyoonho+dnbn
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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credit: withyoonho
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Yunho In the Secret Code booklet Scans *HOT*

He looks GOOD! but then again! when does he not ^^

Credit: Sharing Yoochun

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Korea’s most friendly star!

1. Big Bang DaeSung (35%)
2. DBSK YunHo (27%)
3. SHINee MinHo (24%)
4. Super Junior KangIn (13%)

Credit: kpop jjang

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Celebrities’ IQ Scores

오상진 Oh Sang Jin – 177
한준호 Han Joon Ho – 163
안재환 Ahn Jae Hwan – 157
이병헌 Lee Byung Hun – 155
서태지 Seo Tai Ji – 154
윤하 Younha – 153
김지호 Kim Ji Ho – 151
타블로 Tablo – higher than 150
류시현 Ryn Shi Hyun – higher than 150
신해철 Shin Hae Chul – 150
천정명 Chun Jung Myung – 150
정찬 Chung Chan – 149
이천희 Lee Chun Hee – 148
김태희 Kim Tae Hee – 148
홍경민 Hong Kyung Min – 148
박예진 Park Ye Jin – 147
은지원 Eun Ji Won – 146
김정훈 Kim Jung Hoon – 146
허일후 Huh Il Ho – 143
김용만 Kim Yong Man 143
배용준 Bae Yong  Joon – 142
정선희 Jung Sun Hee – 142
신현준 Shim Hyun Joon – 142
장동건 Jang Dong Gun – 142
윤호Yunho (DBSK) – 142
이재용 Lee Jae Yong – higher than 140
정준하 Jung Joon Ha – higher than 140
보아 BoA – higher than 140
김혜수 Kim Hye Su – 140
다나 Dana (CJSH) – 140
신동엽 Shin Dong Yup – 139
솔비 Solbi – 138
강동원 Kang Dong Won – 137
손호영 Son Ho Young – 137
김수로 Kim Su Ro – 137
차태현 Cha Tae Hyun – 137
김건모 Kim Gun Mo – 130
김희선 Kim Hee Sun – 130
김태균 Kim Tae Gyun – 130
정형돈 Jung Hyung Don – 127
이효리 Lee Hyo Ri – 125
윤종신 Yoon Jong Shin – 119
유재석 Yoo Jae Suk – 114
대성 Daesung (Big Bang) – 110
준수 Junsu (DBSK) – about 100

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Forums To Join!!![The new thing!]

FORUMS That Everyone Loves to Join for free!

be a fan!<3

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If u live in north America(Including Mexico&Canada!) Then Join the DBSK north american Fan club!!! Aethiopeia!!!![ we’ve become Really good friends! Join us!<3[I am Member Here] Click Here for Aethiopeia Forum!
Admins: Dana&Kiki! They welcome everyone from North america, canada& mexico!!!

Be one of the first people to Join 24/7’s Fanclub! do you Like Trax? Well, ROSE(MIN WOO) was there drummer a while back! They Have Fabulous Voices!!! news and videos can be found here![I am co-Admin here] Click here to Join 24/7 Forum!

Admins:Roge, Marina&Jenny! =D we Welcome EVERYONE and anyone who loves 24/7 or Just want to get to know them =D!

CREDIT: Marina+Admin’s Named up there!<3

Yoochun&Yunho in JJ magazine April Issue(2U)

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credit: murasaki hashidoi + sharingyoochun@wordpress

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junsu&Yunho Dance Solo’s + Yoochun&jaejoong Solos

Junsu’s Dance Solo:Xiahotic(SEXXXYYY! MY MAN!)

Yunho’s dance(WARNING… I DIED lol)

Yoochun: Love Bye Love(it was good but I wanted them ALL to sing it!=[ Im kind of sad)

Jaejoong solo:Geujeotmani Nae Sesang(Awesome!)

Vote.. Ima be changing it, so Keep the link (GO VOTE!!!!)


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Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Yunho UFO replies

Fan: I really miss you @@!
YC: How much do you miss me??

Fan: I said I miss you
YC: Or not~ ^^

Fan: How can oppa not reply a single message T_T I’m not even taking my meals, just waiting here
YC: You must eat even if you’re waiting.. ^^

Fan: I’m doing schoolwork… so tired… I’m hesitating as to whether I should go to the Asian Music Festival, should I go or not?
YC: You must come ^^

Fan: Yoochun is a fool… fool… fool… fool… fool… then what am I, who likes you?
YC: You’re a fool too~

Fan: Yoochun oppa~ It’s raining outside~ hehe~ do you like the rain?
YC: Of course I like it a lot^^ Hurry up and sleep^^ oppa’s going to sleep too^^

Fan: I will wait until the release of the fourth album~~ Jaejoong oppa must not fall sick T_T FLY TVXQ!
YC: The other four will fall sick for sure~~

Fan: Oppa is this for real? I’m so nervous (>_<)
YC: Of course^^ We’re watching in Japan now~^^ We’ll be going back after the schedule for today ends~!!

Fan: I.. am.. studying.. now.. give me.. a strong word of encouragement
YC: Don’t think of anything else when you’re studying, just focus ^^

Fan: Yoochun ah, if Jaejoong’s beside you, help me ask him this, “Why are you so pretty?”
YC: The one beside me is Junsu……

Fan: Jaejoong ah, think from another perspective: do you know how hard it is for us who look at your beauty yet cannot have you? T_T
JJ: Why don’t you know that my heart is searching for you people? T_T

Fan: Was today’s event interesting? T_T I didn’t get to go.. T_T I’m Changmin’s! Changmin belongs to who??
JJ: Changmin belongs to me~~ ke

Fan: You know what Jaejoong is mine~
JJ: You are… mine too~~

Fan: Uh~ Uh oppa give me a reply~~~~~
JJ: Replied~ Do well~~!

Fan: When will oppas comeback? I really miss yo T_T
JJ: Please wait for us… ^^ we will go back to you guys with more maturity ^^

Fan: Junsu must be really tired alone in Tokyo -massages- must work hard tomorrow as well~ Junsu hwaiting!
JJ: Junsu sent me a message… just nice to be a reply… so jealous~

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, are you good at making hotpot??
JJ: Hotpot… that’s my forte^^ After that is kimchi jigae and after that its toufu stew^^

Fan: Changmin ah what are you doing? Thinking of me?
JJ: Changmin is looking at the mirror! Hehe

Fan: If you don’t reply I’ll take it that you’re going out with me
JJ: Hey!!! I Replied!!! Eh? I said I replied!

Fan: Give me, whose dream is to compose songs, some encouragement!! ~~
JJ: Write really good songs, and write one for TVXQ as well~~

Fan: Hero Jaejoong fighting Max Changmin fighting Micky Yoochun fighting U-know Yunho fighting TVXQ fighting
JJ: Xiah Junsu~~~~~~ fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan: You’ll get punished immediately if you’re slimmer than me… so eat more!
YH: What punishment will there be?? ^__^ Hehe thank you for worrying about us!

Fan: Your hand will write a reply when you see this message… ready!! Ke hypnotisation starts now~
YH: Ha!! I really started to reply without realizing it… your hypnotisation is the best!!

Fan: Ho!! I just donated blood T_T you must praise me for being kind please
YH: You’re so kind~ Yurong (Fan’s ID)

Fan: I want to jump with joy after receiving oppas’ reply too T_T I’ve only ever received “successfully sent” reports…!!
YH: Hehe are you ready to jump now? Keke goodnight~

Fan: I always think of Yunho oppa as I fall asleep, hope that you will appear in my dreams~
YH: Although I can’t appear in your dreams, I’ll give you a reply ke

Fan: I bought Lovin’ You and the SM Town CD today! My mum has fallen for Yunho oppa keke
YH: Help me thank your mum and tell her I’m so embarrassed ^__^ ah~!! I’m in a really good mood!!

Fan: Hi hello annyeong?! I am the piglet that invents the 21st century… I’m starting school term tomorrow and I need oppas’ comfort T_T
YH: I’ll leave the 21st century in your hands then… piglet~~

Fan: Yunho oppa must show your forehead more in future T_T
YH: Forehead? The response is so good? Keke

Fan: Yunho oppa! Teach a lesson to those who bully me!!
YH: Who’s bullying you!! Ask them to come over!!

Korean to Chinese translations: 冬@baidu
Chinese to English translations:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY U-Know Yunho!HEARTS.gif picture by lovejunsu18

Everyones things for yunho!


Desktop wallpaper:Yunho’s Desktop!

yunho1.jpg picture by lovejunsu18







My Tribute Poem to Yunho for his 23rd Birthday

Yunho is the best rapper, dancer, and leader ever!

I remember on SBS Chocolate where he was such a father-like person to that little girl, Ye-Eun.

He’s such a gentleman to all the ladies.

He’s so nice with all the elderly people, his friends, his members, the MCs, and the fans.

I was saddened when the anti fan incident happened to him. I’m glad he’s ok now and that the incident hasn’t affected him in a bad way.

When I heard he suffered so many injuries and had many scars, I was saddened, but was glad that he survived all this time.

Some say he’s a “weak” singer, but personally I think he’s a great singer just like his members!

He’s a great leader to his members.

He’s a role model to me, and everyone else around the world.

I love how he keeps his cool when he’s mad.

Even when he’s mad, and has the Gwanju accent, I find it funny and cute.

He and the other members are such dorks and are so funny!

I wish him a great birthday and a great year. I also hope that many great things happen to him and to his members this year.

By Josh Grimes, one of Yunho’s biggest fans!

Unni D’s:


Happy 23rd Birthday Yunho!HEARTS.gif picture by lovejunsu18

Yunho\’s Little Fan(Past Post made by me!)

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Make sure you Comment!

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Do NOT Take Off Credits!

Credit:As tagged before Graphics!

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DBSK youngest and cutest YUNHO fan! lol

WAHHH SO CUTE! “Do u like DBSK, No i like yunho, only YUNHO”


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